‘Job Satisfaction’ is a Trap.

I am here. Today is Tuesday Jan18, 2011. My daily blogging continues.

Capitalism loves to reward as long as I am a devoted servant of it. Today, I managed to accomplish an important assignment at work, and within moments I experienced a sense of success and worthiness and felt been ‘useful’ at work. Meaning I am telling myself that I am indeed a useful worker and I am needed at the place and I am appreciated at the work place etc. Accomplishment has nothing to do with purity of self expression, rather how capitalism receives me and view me as a devoted solider of it.

This is indeed the trap. First, I am programmed to think and believe in lack, i.e self-lack. I am taught in school to complete, a sense un-fulfilment is created for me, within me by the media etc. So my starting point is lack of self-appreciation, lack of self-worth, lack of self-contribution, lack of any meaningful accomplishment towards myself and others, there is really nothing to be proud of.

So within this so called job satisfaction becomes very paramount, I mean it could make or break one’s life. So lack of job satisfaction is already preprogrammed into me by various mind programmers. So at the very first day at the job, I am already experiencing job dissatisfaction. Then onwards, I try hard to get that magical moment of happiness in been a greatly appreciated worker, everyone loves me, and capitalism shines on me like a radiant sun.

All is well.

Trap upon trap, so this is what life is all about, first created a whole of bunch of lacks, then undo that by having great job satisfaction. Capitalism wins either way, men and women try their very best to go home after a long day’s work, feeling they have done a great job at work. and indeed their pay check is worthy of every penny. So the workers, the bees, really live their whole lives oiling the engines of capitalism. Of course we need to survive, so we entire give into the mold of capitalism. Total devotion.

But never asking any questions: why those lacks were programmed to us in the first place? How to remove those lacks within us? Do we need the so-called job satisfaction, is there any other way to experience the joy of self expression ? Why do we the bees keep on polishing and oiling the engines of capitalism just so that we can go home with that happy feeling of a good day’s work done ? why is that we rely on capitalism to give us the meaning and joy of life ? why is that our lives are so defined by the rewards of capitalism ?

Can we see the trap upon trap, how we have been trapped all along just so that we will end up serving the system of capitalism and its bedfellows? It seems like our whole life is just about serving the capitalism, and then dying out old and useless. people take so much joy in working for 30 years or 40 years, very proudly they will recall how devoted they were to large corporations etc. I mean it doesn’t’ matter which organization you worked for, the very reason that joy of life is found through employment and job satisfaction just sucks. It goes to show how much we the bees are programmed to commit our lives to the capitalistic mold from day one of our lives. As if we are born to be employed for the system of capitalism.

Is there any better way to live and be a productive member of society ?

Yes, indeed. Within Equal Money System and Equal Labor System in place, my purpose and joy is not about making money or getting rewarded by a carrot and stick capitalism. Every human will be taken care of by the Equal Money with an assured unconditional living allowance from birth to death. And within Equal Labor, i don’t’ compete with anyone, because with equal pay, all work is equally appreciated and therefore no tension, no stress, no fears of loss, no rewards, no so-called job satisfaction, because life is already satisfied. The starting point is one of satisfaction, Therefore going to work simply means self expression not to make some CEO happy, rather to contribute to humanity, So that humans can live in dignity due to my contribution as a worker. That is the purpose of a job, and that is the real job satisfaction, that I contributed to the betterment of this planet and its inhabitants.

Making your manager or boss or your CEO happy is just a preprogrammed trap, which serves only the interest of capitalism and its bedfellow and none other.

So I am one vote for Equal Life Party to bring about an Equal Money System and Equal Labor system for all of us. That is where the real job satisfaction is found.