Hu is Here

Today is Wednesday Jan 19th, 2011. My daily blogging continues.

The Chinese President Hu is here, visiting with the US leadership for constructive relationship between the two nations. I saw bits of TV news today about the pompous ceremony and events, lots of powerful images were flashing on the screen as if two Gods are meeting. I didn’t get to catch much of the details, but it seems Hu will be meeting with the industrial leadership as well, meaning most CEOs, of multinational corporations will get to chit chat with Hu. I wonder what they will talk about.

Isn’t that an amazing thing, its all about business, its all about expanding markets and increasing profits, but they make it sound like a very noble humanitarian thing, Because after all its about creating jobs for the normal citizens of the two countries. For the corporate CEOs this event is a dream come true, as governments on both sides will take care of them, regardless of their apparent political differences.

Sino-US political colors may be different as day and night, but when it comes to caring for the profit generating rich business gods, they are all on the same page. Money knows no color, no political ideology. Political views and ideologies are for the masses to keep themselves occupied with, to debate weather capitalism is better or the red crap is better ?

I mean WTF, did Hu and our history making eloquent man manage to have any discussion about how to end the suffering of our planet? how to end starvation of nearly 1 billion people? how to stop the abuse of our rivers and seas? how to end this profit generating engine, so that humans can actually live their lives instead trying to survive day and night? did they ever have a discussion about the pros and cons of capitalism and its consequential chaos that is destroying our planet?

But the CEOs must be laughing, more expandable markets assured by the heads of states themselves, larger tax breaks and investment incentives, it sounds a lot like Christmas. The whole state visit seems like a corporate business meeting to talk about how make more money. of course the average Joe think its about creating jobs and building security. This is an endless trap, capitalism seems to win on all fronts. Simply because every Joe has to survive, has to eat, got to have a roof over the head, got to have food and medicine on the table etc, so he/she will put up with anything.

This is like the olden days when every citizen was a subject of the Royals, we simply worked for them to make the Royals happy. Of course, if you complaint, you’re gone. And you will stupid to complaint or rebel against them, so just shut up and do your job, make the Royals happy, after all you’re getting your food at least.

Amazing trap isn’t it. Either live according to the rules of capitalism or perish at your own hands. Rebels don’t make it. Revolutions will not make it. Protest will not bring anything. Demonstration and political coups will not bring anything. Even god almighty Wars will not bring any change. Nothing as we have ever known will bring any change to our current system of money or politics.

Equal Life Party, with its revolutionary yet simply principle of Equal Money System and Equal Labor System will bring absolute change, it will establish a practical heaven on earth.

Hu is here, i am sure in few more years another Hu will visit for another pompous bilateral constructive meetings, in the meanwhile CEOs will cash it in. Its all about business. With Equal Life Party, no more Hus, or no more Singhs. We are one planet, one humanity, so we need one Equal Money System, and one Equal Labor System. Care, not profit, as profit by its very definition is not about caring, its about making money.

No amount of political will or meetings or state visits can bring the element of care which will support and assist every human. Only the Equal Life Party can deliver such care and support.

Hu, so thanks for the visit, if you care, join us, study what Equal Money System is all about. Certainly, I am one vote for Equal Money and Equal Labor.


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