Why must you deserve a happy good life?

I am here, Today is Jan 20th 2011, my daily blogging continues.

It is fascinating to watch how people leave their work places at the end of the day, during the so called evening rush hour. As if they are been released from jail or something. As I observe, these rush hour people heading to their homes, I notice they carry a certain sense of achievement within them. As if they deserve to go home, now that they have given a day’s worth of work for the company, so now they can go home.

Another point I observe is these workers carry a sense of importance, yes, I am an accomplished person today. Within that, a justification, a reward, I deserve a fat pay check, a pretty house, etc etc. Its all about me, so end of the day, I go home feeling that indeed I deserve all the nice things in the world, and why not, I just finished a day’s work, giving myself to the capitalist corporations my blood, sweat and tears, so I deserve all the nice things I can possibly buy.

But during the whole day, I will never mention that the only reason i am here to work, is just to get a pay check, that money, so that I can survive, yes I will never talk about that. It is the real hidden purpose of my employment, to survive. Yet at work, I will make it sound like as if I am here because I care about the objective, tactical goals of the company, both short term and long term. I mean, i pretend like my purpose in life is to care for the company’s profit ambitions, so I meekly align myself with the corporate goals, of course, otherwise consequences are severe, even homelessness could result. Don’t mess with the capitalists or with their systems.

More than the capitalists, it is the workers, it is me, who keeps the system going, as their utter surrender and meek alignment so that i can make my money. Of course, I have to maintain my pretty house, all the beautiful gadgets, fancy life styles, it must all be paid, so the job is the key thing, it provides the money. Within the work environments, this so obvious point of money is never openly discussed, I pretend like I am here to glorify and serve the mighty executive goals of the corporations. There is a subtle submission and dishonest loyalty. I am here to make money, not because I love or I am loyal to the company, anyone who says that is a total liar. I mean WTF.

What a deceptive life indeed, but the sad part is, I have no choice, as I need that money to survive.

So, can we continue like this for another 1000 or 2000 years with capitalists ruling the planet sucking it dry and demolished all to just make a profit ?

Obviously, we all know, this system of supply and demand, profit and loss cannot continue. Time for a change, a profound change.

Equal Life Party is the solution. So I am one vote for Equal Money and Equal Labor, and I am one for Equal Life Party. No more deceptions, no more dishonest loyalties, no more profit ambitions, no sucking up just to survive, no more justifications to have a home, no more justifications to live.

Simply being a human is all the reason to deserve a happy good life, any other reason or justification is manipulative and dishonest.