I am a Self-Exorcist.

I am here, today is Saturday Jan 22, 2011. My daily blogging continues.

I am not much of a dreamer, since I met desteni my dreams have slow down. Now mostly I sleep very sound and dreamless. Nightmares are very rare indeed. Last night however I had a very terrifying dream. In this, two demon like creatures were sitting on my chest and beating me up. Well, not very pleasant dream isn’t it, for a moment, I freaked or a sense of panic I experienced. Then I told to myself, just breathe, these guys are not real, so just breathe. And that’s exactly what I did (not sure if I actually physically did the breathing or did I breathe within the dream itself, is unclear to me, nor can I recall). Anyways, as I breathe within the first breath itself, those two demon fellows just vanished. I was bit surprised within the dream itself, how quickly so called demons can vanish within the power of breath,

Then I awoke up.

Dreams are now very specific and assisting, they are showing what i have accepted and allowed within me. So in this dream, i can see that the two demons been the emotions and feelings that pound me all day. And dream was telling me that I am also the solution to my problem, which is living as my breath. So as I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as emotions and feelings to such an extent they have become demonic and self destructive in nature. Hence the demons beating me up, is my own self made self torture. Fortunately  I am my own solution as well, which is to breathe here now in the physical to transcend emotions and feelings.

So no need for any holy waters, nor anything holy to dispel the demons within me, my own simple breath here is the tool of self-exorcism, to set self to freedom.

I breathe here.


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