What can 1000 Destonians do ?

I am here, today is Jan 27th Thursday, my daily blogging continues.

Can I/we change this world ?

Yes indeed. There is no doubt about it, however, it requires a sustain efforts and dedication to educate many humans about what Equal Life is all about.

To start with, my self commitment to my process is the key to change this world. If i fail, i cannot expect this world to change, as i am the agent of change. I cannot fall, as my fall is not just about my fall anymore, with it the world change itself may be on hold. Hence, my commitment to my process is paramount.

As above so below, as inner so is outter, meaning as my process is ongoing, i cannot wait till i hit the holy grail to start changing the world, no that would be simply pay back to the world, not one and equal. The kind of change, desteni speaks of is, twin change, but at the same time, its one and the same. Equal and One.

I change, the world changes with me. my world changes with me.

Yes, there are practical and sustainable efforts are required both for self and for the world at large. For myself, daily blogging, daily vlogging, daily self forgiveness, and self honesty is the way.

As for the world change, spreading the blogs, vlogs, the message of equality with all is the key for next 10 years or so. The internet and online world is getting crowed everyday, millions and millions are online, so its a perfect place for message of equality to be shared with. So, things like sub4sub, blogs, vlogs, tags, in increasing numbers will make the difference.

Currently, about 100 or so destonians are going full speed at this, both changing themselves and the world concurrently. equal and one. This number must grow from 100 to 1000 very soon, i mean within the next 2-3, for this, a dedicated sharing of desteni message will be needed. The desteni-i-process is key in bringing many new faces.

With 1000 or more destonians, powerful winds of change will blow across our world systems, it will be a time like no other,  The collective noise of the 1000 destonians will be heard everywhere, hence many will get a chance to join this process, and yes many will confront, but that is no issue.

In time, with the principle of one man for one vote, the Equal Life Party will enter the political process of the world. A dominant force of change will open the eyes of many, will open the ears of many, to hear the message of equality of all life. Votes will start to come in, one by one, Equal Life Party as a mainstream choice for real change, will establish itself in every country, and then in time, will rewrite the laws of every country to bring a practical heaven earth.

Children who will be born into the Equal Money System, and Equal Labor Systems, will be shocked to study about our struggles today. In the antics of digital archives, some of our blogs may survive to tell about times of fear, anxiety, anger, hate, worry, competition, economy, capitalism, money, and all other evils of our times today.

A heaven on earth is indeed possible, yes it is practical, pragmatic, and sustainable. So I am one vote for world equality.

One by one, we will soon become 1000 destonians, we will be very noisy.


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