King’s Speech: Teach the King Self-Forgiveness, please.

I am here. Today is Jan 30, 2011. My daily blogging continues.

I am committing myself to write at least a few minutes everyday about myself, contributing to self writing. I realise once i fall behind in this even one day, it gets accumulated, meaning, one missed day soon be two missed days, then three etc. Then, it wont’ be too long when i will have missed a whole week of missed days. Therefore tonight, i have all the reasons to not spend any time writing, as it is already 12:35am, obviously way past bed time, and I am sleepy and tired. I just don’t’ want to skip even a day in self writing, i know, a day can easily be two, three days. So no, i am here, taking just another 10 minutes to write myself out a bit.

So tonight the point is preciously that, not giving up self writing even for a day no matter what. And it doest’ have to be a long piece, just 10 mins is sufficient just to keep the self commitment to daily blogging continue. The key word is ‘daily’. Self writing daily.

Yes, i am writing myself to freedom daily.

Tonight, i saw the movie, ‘the king’s speech’. A king whose voice is stuck within himself out of sheer fear and memories. Stammering as he speaks becomes a serious stumbling block for himself as he assumes the responsibilities of the crown. A kind friend and a teacher, assist him with self expression, by showing the king his fears. Let the fears go, let the memories of the fears go, are the advice of the friend to the king to be. Bravely, the new king delivers his first speech, his first war time speech. ha ha, same bullshit isn’t it. Been fearless didn’t make the king , a king for all, but rather a king for war. same old bullshit. But there is not the point there.

By learning to undo one’s fears, the king is able to over come his stammering voice, and is able to voice himself out.

Self forgiveness does preciously that and more. Self forgiveness allows me to overcome my fears, and assist me to voice myself clearly and preciously. My self expression develops. I speak clearly and directly. Moreover, self forgiveness is assisting me with self rebirth through the physical. King George the VI didn’t’ know self forgiveness, he only overcame his stammering voice,

With self-forgiveness so much is possible, it is becoming of life. It is to rebirth self as life and to rebirth a practical heaven to us all.

King’s speech the movie is cool, as it shows how limiting life can be when living with fears etc. But the movie is just that, a feel good sensational hollywood of one man’s triumphed over his limitations. If the simple advice of a friend can change the course of a king, imagine, with the power over self forgiveness and self honesty, a whole new world can be manifested by self honest humans,

No need for kings anymore, as each of us, is a king/queen. Equal and One.

So the simple message i gave to myself after seen the movie is: Scream self forgiveness to overcome all my fears, no more fears, none whatsoever.

Cool. As per the king himself, George the VI still went to war, he didn’t rebirth himself as life, nor did he bring out equality for all. Basically, he was a useless king, like a bug on the windscreen, he was gone, when his time was up. A useless life royally lived indeed.

Since embracing the desteni process, I have found a passion, meaning, and purpose to my life. This is simply a magic, how i have become so dedicate to life and equality for all. I have indeed surprised myself. Is this really me? It is an amazing journey.

I will not say, long live the king, but certainly, I will say, long live the ‘equality for all’ as it is the way to heaven on earth. No royals are needed.

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