How to Make Friends.

I am here. Feb 1, 2011. My daily blogging continues.
I had a chat with my resonances today. So what i did learn from this chat? Other than establishing course work stuff, we discussed few very interesting things about my process. Yes, as it has been pointed out to me, the addiction to energy must be stopped. I mean, i have to stop it, the addiction for which, i have over and over again fall into, despite all the assistance i have been given. 
Energy addiction.
So my confusion is clear now, whereas before i thought it is my mind that desperately wants an energy feed, so i easily blame it on my mind. no more. I am the mind, yes I am the mind, me as the mind, seeking that energy like a hungry beast. so this is what an energy possession is all about for myself. Again, it is not the mind, it is me as the mind, who seek energy dose. 
So, I asked, can i go jogging, do house cleaning, do something physical to get rid of the energy possession. Well, if it is an act of running away from the energy possession, then NO. Can’t run away from it, simply be here, breathe, and then do whatever physical activity that needs to be done. Mind and MInd alone is the cause, which is me of course. 
Another cool point was, how to listen to others while talking speaking etc. I tend to “look deep into the eye/soul of the being” while i listen, giving the impression that i am a great listener. Resonances pointed out that is separation. To listen, i have to be here first. In that, yes, I can listen, even make eye contact, naturally. Whereas me forcing an eye contact just to give the impression of listening, is separation, yes. I am here, totally here, no thinking, no back chat, I am here. In this, I simply listen to the being who is speaking or talking with me. 
Perhaps, I should just breathe while listening, that may help to stay here. 
So that’s a few cool points for myself. Stop the energy possession, and just be here for effective listening, no need to look deep into the eyes of another to give the impression of listening. that is bullshit. I used to employ that trick to make friends, to get people to like me. 
So listen with all thyself here, in this yes, you may truly make friends, for you are here, entirely here, as the breath of life. And there exist no separation, equal and one to all that is here.