Equal Life Party is the solution to Egypt.

I am here. Feb 3, 2011, my daily blogging continues.

Bullshit rioting is continuing with full drama in Egypt, the land of the slaves and slave masters. Watching these emotionally fully charged people yelling and screaming to throw out their mad man Mubarak is a laughing matter. Really, even if they get the fucker out of his office after 30 years of rule, who are they going replace the man with ? ok, perhaps they may find a more democratic, more likable, more educated, more people friendly, more peace loving, more open market friendly person to replace the dictator.

But the question is, will the new person bring any real change to Egypt? That is the question, all those rioters cannot perceive now, as all they want is an emotional outlet to dump their anger out at the current leadership. All that screaming and yelling, for what use, I wonder.

Replacing one dictator with another, or replacing one bad President with a good one, or replacing one bad Prime Minister with a good one, or even replacing an old Queen with a young Prince, or even replacing a white man with a black man, or a man with a woman, I wonder, what real change the world has ever seen ? None whatsoever.

So many examples of change, but no real substance in any of those changes. Simply cosmetic changes only. Even replacing the most evil of leaders with acceptable men/women has brought no real change, only surface level cosmetic bullshit for the TV viewers to feel good about themselves in voting for those new leaders. Its all drama, made for TV and the money makes in the meanwhile cash it in.

In the meantime, a real solution for the world is slowly taking form and shape. This is the Equal Life Party and its unwavering life support systems. Equal Money System, Equal Labor System, Equal Housing System, Equal Education System, Equal Health-care System, and many other life supporting systems have been studied and discussed extensively as solutions to this planet in peril.

So, people of Egypt stop your bullshit riots, instead study what Equal Life Party is all about, if you really care about your Egypt, study what we have to say, make a long term commitment to bring about real change for your country, not just fucking screaming and yelling for few days.

Certainly, I don’t give a fuck about Mubarak or his replacement, or a generation of Presidents to come, for they will all do the same shit, only in different style.

So here, I unconditionally caste my vote for Equal Life Party, for real change for a real world.

Join us, if you dare to care.


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