Stop Praying for Me.

I am here, here is an email I exchanged today:

Shohan Wimalaratne Wrote:

Hi Anton, I see your post with regards to people who believe in and practice Christianity. Whilst you are entitled to your own opinion, I am entitles to mine. I truly believe there is a Lord that looks after all our needs. You have to experience it to know it. I have and will continue to do so. I will pray that you will experience too.

My reply:

“Lord that look after all our needs” ? you must have been living in lala land, nearly 1 billion starving each night, millions working like slaves to put bread on their tables, millions don’t’ have fresh water, political and corporate leadership is sucking every drop of life from us civilians, workers, so their elitism and power continues unchecked, “Love thy neighbour as thyself”, nor “Give and you shall receive” are only just sweet words, they mean absolutely nothing.

Gods and men in power have fucked us all. With Equal Life party, we will implement Equal Money system, Equal Labor system, Equal housing System, Equal Health-care System, Equal education system, in every country, so that every human in every country will have access to a dignified life, from birth to death, unconditionally.

Hence, the core teachings of Jesus will be implemented practically as we introduce new political and economic principles, based on “Give and you shall receive”. But we not waiting for a God, or a Guru, or a swami, or a buddha, or avatar, as we are the humans rebirthing ourselves with the tools of self-forgiveness and self-honesty, so we will become the new politicians forming the Equal Life Party, to clean up this world.

I am sure your God will be pleased to see that no human being is left out in the dark hungry thirsty and dying from sickness, because he/she doesn’t have money. Even the most sinful bastard deserve food, water, shelter, medicine, education, the basic rights to a dignified life. then even the most sinful bastard will have a chance for self-correction.

Our action is practical, political, sustainable, livable, that is best for all, not based on hope but on sound principles. so if you dare to care, check us out, at

So here, no need for god bullshits, i trust you have some common sense left in you to consider what is best for all is.

thank you.