Must Die to Live.

I am here, Feb 8th, 2011, my daily blogging continues.

Gosh. There is only one way to happiness, it is to completely abandon the mind, meaning, never to exist as thoughts, emotions and feelings. Yep its a tall order, near impossible you may say, how on earth to live without any thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Long time ago, I discussed this point of living without thoughts, emotions, and feelings, then the response i got was, “to live in that void is not life”, something like that. meaning, emptiness, silence that caused by the absence of thoughts emotions and feelings are to be avoided, it will make you a zombie. we are so programmed to believe that thoughts emotions and feelings what makes us worthy of life, and make us living human beings. Nope. thoughts emotions and feelings what makes us demons.

this argument can go on and on, should i think or not think, should i feel or not feel, should i entertain emotions or not ? bit like to be or not to be.

Very simple answer:

what if i die right now? here in this very moment, my heart stops and i breathe my last. what then? when the last breath arrives, i don’t’ have much choice, i cannot ask to be or not to be, fuck i am dead, how can a dead man ask any questions?

yes, this very moment, i am dead here, just dead. its over, i have just taken the last breath, i have breathed my last: what thought is there? what emotions are there? what feelings are there? yet i am here. even death hasn’t ended me, i am still here. yet no thoughts, emotions, and feelings. just silence, just me, i am breathing however.

so, oh wait a second, i am here in my physical body still, not apparently dead, i am here. so can i live like as if i am dead? yes i am dead for all practical purposes of the mind. all thoughts, emotions, feelings have died, but i remain.

i am dead, i am dead, i am dead, my mind is dead, i am dead, i am here as breath. i am yet here, but i am dead, and i am here actually breathing. gosh, no thoughts, no emotions, no feelings. i am here, though dead but still here.

death will end all thoughts emotions and feelings. i am here equal and one to all here, because i am dead, i have no thoughts emotions and feelings. yet i remain, so i am equal and one to all.

thanks, i am still in the physical body, breathing,

This is the end result for us all anyways, so might as well die now to LIVE. I am dead but alive. i am dead, all is over, i am dead, the physical remain here, my breath is here, i am breathing, but i am dead, yes i am dead, just the breath, the actual breath, here, equal and one to all of physicality, but i am dead here. i breathe. just the breath of life, i am dead, my mind is dead, i am here as breath.

I must die to live, there is no other way to abandon the mind for good. i die here, so that i live. i am breathing but i am dead, i die here, so i breathe and i live.