Night in a Jail Cell.

I am here, Feb 11, 2011, my daily blogging continues.

last night I arrived home rather late, past 1030pm or so, right at the apartment entrance I realized that my apartment keys were missing, Not a very pleasant realization, so I called home, but sadly i couldn’t wake up anyone, all were deep in sleep, i was left with the only choice of finding a hotel for the night. So, i headed to downtown ottawa, where soon i learned that hotel prices are not that cheap, we are looking minimum a good hundred dollars a night, i was rather pissed off, tired, was not in the mode to spend that kind of money for just night sleep, i argued max 6 more hours, i will be heading back to work, so why bother to spend that kind of money.

Nearby there is a youth hostel, a former ottawa downtown old rock jail, a famous public execution took place here. Convicted criminal Mr. Patrick Whelan was publicly hanged here, in front of a gathering crowd of 5000 or more. Its funny ‘coincident, patrick was hanged on this very day, February 11, (1869), and tonight i am self writing myself freedom on February 11. I am bit amazed by this.

I cannot stop but ask the question, what sort of a man was Mr. Patrick J. Whelan, why did he went to assassinate another and eventually died a hanged man? What was his state of mind? what was his accepted and allowed belief systems within him? Apparently he killed a political public figure, hence, he is a political assassin. Did he do that out of rage or wanting of new changes, or wanting of a revolution ?

i have no idea,  but tonight on the 142th anniversary of his hanging, i simply want to tell him that help in coming, help is coming, a new world is coming, a new revolution is coming, real self-help is coming, no need for assassinations, no need for revolutions, patrick, all you need is self-forgiveness, all you need is self honesty. In terms of changing the world, equal money, equal labor with equal life party, a new world is coming where everyone will be supported and assisted to self correction. No more assassinations, no more hangings, because every human will be supported with self correction,

Yes, even a convicted murderer like yourself patrick, will be supported and assisted to self correction and self rebirthing as life. No exceptions.

So, sleeping at the old jail, a tinny cell, my cell number was #5, on 6th floor, i slept rather comfortably, realizing the suffering of all those who were housed in it, i realised the urgency of world equality, because this madness of killing and hanging cannot continue, of course the biggest killer now is capitalism. no worries, equal money will hang the capitalism for good. in a nice democratic way. no revolutions.

And for the record, fuck Mubarak, and fuck Egypt, it is not change we saw today, rather, a change of the showman, a new man will soon run the show. its all the same shit. Until Egypt consider equality for all, its all the same shit. that’s for another blog.

so, unquestionably, i am one vote for world equality where all will be supported and assisted, even the hardest of criminals, will be supported to live a dignified life with proper self-correction with self forgiveness and self honesty.

No life is so dispensable.

so, Patrick J Whelan, wherever you’re, allow yourself to self-forgive yourself, that is all i have to share tonight.


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