Public toilets are a disgrace

I am here, Feb 12, 2011, my blogging continues.

Growing up in sri lanka, one of the worse memories is visiting public toilets when nature’s call is unbearable. gosh, sometimes the awful smell is so bad, visiting a public toilet is like trying to commit suicide by the rotten perfume while taking a piss, and if your need is #2, only Jesus can save you.

Thanks to capitalism in downtown Colombo, some cleaners will charge a small fee for a bucket of water and reasonably well kept toilet, its still a visit to hell btw. today in ottawa i went to subway restaurant just wanting to use their restroom, the guy said, “sorry restrooms are for customers only”. gosh fucking capitalism wont’ even let you take a piss without making a buck out of you. such is the nature of things.

back to sri lanka, yes, public toilet systems are utter disgrace, its so bad, one i had to take a shit on top of somebody else’s left overs. The accumulation effect, one’s left over becomes another’s nightmare.

All this goes to show, how fucked up this world is, even small thing like a taking a shit at a public facility is so messed up. Because nobody cares, and everyone is waiting for the other guy to clean up, so responsibility is a waiting game, i wait for you, while you wait for me. Not to mention the tons of red tape one has to go thru to get anything done for the good of public users. because of the all rich fuckers goto the 5 star hotels to wipe their asses, yep they will give you the water in a golden bucket to clean your ass. goto a public place, you will face hell without dying.

With Equal Life Party, responsibility is not a waiting game, we don’t’ wait for anyone, and responsibility is not selective, we identify the problem, we solve the problem. all problems are our problems.  

Sanitation is a massive problem in the third world, i am speaking from personal experience, no stats are available on these matters, i mean who the fuck will go and collect stats on public toilet usage, capitalist might do that to make some money out of it.

And india is hell when it comes to public toilets, let me not goto that subject. One wonders’ with all their apparent education and high class intellectuals and what not, still can’t keep their public facilities clean. simple answer, no one has taken the responsibility, politicians are too busy making money, and everyone in between is doing the same, all trying to survive. who has the time nor the will to worry about public shit holes, its for the poor anyways.

With Equal Life Party, cleaning up and providing safe and healthy public facilities for every community, every town, every village is a top responsibility. This is not a joke, not a single party has addressed issues relating to public sanitation and facilities, of course why would they. They have better and more important things to do.

I am one vote for clean public facilities everywhere in the world, can’t have heaven on earth with stinking toilets. I am one vote for cleaning up this world, every public facility will be maintained to highest standards, This is our responsibility.

Equal Life Party is about caring about every aspect on this planet,