2011 World cup cricket winner is already fixed: Its all about MONEY.

cricket is a fucking money printing machine. now with the world cup, millions if not billions will be made. even betting on the game outcomes is a huge bloody business. so you never know may be the final outcome of this saturday’s world cup final game is already fixed. we the ignorant spectators will shout and scream for our teams, while the big boys will cash in big time.

few years back a South African cricket captain admitted to match fixing. the guy even had a tattoo on his arm, WWJD, What Would Judas Do, opps sorry, What Would Jesus Do. And he did exactly that, follow judas. the fucking father of christianity.

so this saturday, don’t get all hyped up, the game is already decided by the money movers and shakers. such is life in this capitalistic world of ours, everything is decided by money. who lives, who dies, who eats, who starves, yes decided by the supreme godhead, the MONEY.

fucked up shit, so join us, investigate the Equal Money System. lets bring a new world where money doesn’t rule us humans. it is simply tool to exchange. Study investigate Equal Money System.

Make your fucking life a useful one


Cheering to Indian cricket team doesn’t make you a proud Indian.

Apparently the two entire nations came to a standstill during the semi finals world cup cricket match between India and Pakistan. in Pakistan, the government declared a half-day to allow civil servants to enjoy the match.

watching bits and pieces on a cricket website, you can see the emotional highs and lows on the spectators. so over 1 billion humans were glued to their idiot boxes hoping their boys will win it. god, cricket in india and pakistan is worse than praying to a non existent god.  those guys go crazy during the game between the these two nations. their hidden nuclear arms comes to surface thru the cricket bat and ball, allowing the feelings of patriotism and nationalism to run wild. what a fucked up reality is this. a game, a match is taking the attention of 1 billion+ humans. Indian TV channels made a killing today.

India won, so what is the big fucking deal? all those spectators i guess had a good reason to party for the night then go home. Upon arriving home, they sill have to worry about survival, food, shelter, medicine, education, bill payments etc. i suppose the game is an emotional escape from the burden of living in those countries. for a day they felt great to be an indian. because otherwise it sucks to be an indian in india, in that poor country.  oppression corruption slavery all sorts of other bullshit to put up with, who cares, cricket solves all problems in india.

what a fucked up mindcontrolled bunch of monkeys we have become.

what about all those starving poor indians in india ? have their reality changed ? has cricket changed their reality ? fucked up shit.

you stupid fucking fanatic indian cricket fans, investigate Equal Money System to bring dignity of life to every Indian, if you dare to care.

cheering to your cricket team doesn’t make you a proud indian, help bring Equal Money System to all indians, surely you will have done a great service.