Krishna is not the answer – Prabupadha (via the portal)

i was a cult follower of hare krishna, chanting singing and dancing to their music and believe systems. yet for 2-3 years no one could have ever convinced me that i was blinded by a cult. i submitted to religious music, chanting, food and cultural vibes to feel belonged. now i see, it was all about wanting to be belonged and accepted by some group. to feel some kind of a belonging. yet within the group there was so much animosity and spitefulness towards each other, so much group-isms within the groups. Gurus were like little gang leaders, with each got their own followings. its sad there people really looking for something yet end up in believing bullshit religious thoughts and followings. i went for the romance of indian spiritualism yet ended up finding nothing.

i am glad to see Prabupada coming thru the inter-dimensional portal and speak to us about some real shit. Krishna is not the answer, equality and oneness here is the answer. the physical here is the answer. the mind controlling maha mantra ‘hare krishna hare krishna’ is not the answer. chanting does nothing. instead, self forgive, become self honest, breath, be here, really, become self introspect, self write to freedom, do vlogging, get the shit out of the chest, and above all make a decision to stand as life make decision to never give into the thoughts/emotions and feelings. god is here as the physical, no need for bullshit religions and gods.

hereby i denounce hare krishna movement and the so-called the god Krishna himself. i denounce every fucking god there is in fact.

here is a link to the portal interview by Prabupadha.



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