Don’t waste a single breath.

missed few a days of self-writing i can already feel the urge postpone writing. its fascinating, you missed one day, then it compounds. today the excuse i am coming up is that i don’t have anything to say, what non sense. there is always something to write about.

life is build one breath at a time. so every breath what i do really matters, it compounds and builds momentum for the next moment, for the next breath. running away or escaping doesn’t do anything, i still have to come back to me, all must to return to self. here in this very breath where magic happens. have to be really careful about momentum of mind things, as mind will keep the continuity of itself going. that is why i get possessed about some thought all day. a single thought could run in my mind all day. wow. that is a lot life-energy to waste by just thinking all day.

always return to this breath, and in this breath just do one this, not 2 things. doing just one thing in one breath accumulates. and in one fine breath death arrives. all the bullshit stops. but whatever i accumulated may continue if it is life supporting. if in every breath i worried about how to make money etc, i don’t’ see how that can accumulate into afterlife. frankly i don’t know what will accumulate into afterlife, but i do know what i do in this breath accumulates. so better be of some value, better be of life supporting. standing for equality is real when i stand in each breath. i cannot slack some breaths and stand up for life in some other breaths. its a full time dedication and occupation.

i am going to die anyways, it is so sure!!! yet i waste my breaths in mundane shits. i mean i am really not ready to face my death in the next breath, b’c i am too occupied by other useless things. oh well, i suppose its a balance. we still need to live in this world, need to work, need to do things, attend to all the practical day to day things. i suppose standing for equality really means not accepting and allowing any mind bullshit in every breath. stand clear here as physical.

daily self writing, daily commitment to spread the message of equality through youtube etc. i mean daily contribution is vital. i have to write a plan how my day will go, not just wander about things. make a plan, so that every breath is accounted for and LIVED.

i one day i will die, what will i leave behind? what of significance and value will i leave behind ? fuck all the bullshit will end for sure. wasting a life is real cause for regret. i mean even wasting one breath is pretty serious stuff. those in the dimensions will tell you how vital is to live each breath. then fuck i dont do it. i waste so much. this cannot continue. each breath must matter. each breath i must be effective and stand up for life, for equality. lets bring world equality by living each for equality. no waste whatsoever. then death is no issue.

When a breath is wasted, a whole life can be wasted.

this is my last chance.


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