Embracing the physical with a viral flu

This is the time to embrace the physical. though i am not 100% sure what is that mean. with tsunamis going around, mother nature , the physical is showing us humans something. for myself, my human physical body is showing me something these days as i am down with a viral flu.

the doctor’s office is packed, its a walk in clinic, as i don’t have a family physician. first thing i do as enter the clinic is show the magic health card, such is the power of the current medical system. no card no service, unless you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg. anyway that besides the point.

my physical body is down with a viral flu according to the doctor. 2 days i called in sick at work. already feeling guilty for been off from work. such is mind programming, have to goto work no matter what, otherwise the police officer inside my head will take over.

yeah embrace the physical, as bernard said other on chat. embrace the physical. for me it means, the breath, which is the nearest physical thing to me, my breath, the one i am breathing here now. certainly ’embrace the physical’ cannot mean thinking or going into the mind. be here in the body as breath, attend to physical things, with hands, touch, cut veggies, wash dishes, clean the snow, be here, anything but thinking.

yeah not feeling well at all, with the flu, taking lots of water, juices etc, water is cool support to the human body. do you know water is the only in-take that is not digest by the human body ? cool isn’t it. if anything, water is life.

yeah embrace the physical, still not sure what it means 100%. for now, i will breathe, drink a lot of water, get out of my mind. i sure don’t’ need a Japanese style tsunami in my backyard to remind me to embrace the physical. over 10,000 killed i wonder what humanity will learn from it.

The physical is here and embrace it, and whatever that means.


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