Give and you shall Receive – Equal Money System.

breathing here. always nice to breath as a point of anchor before doing some self writing. as i am feeling a bit of blank stare not knowing what to write tonight. yeah i was explaining the equal money system to a coworker today over lunch, saying such system would assist humans and especially in situations like Japan now, unconditional support system is so cool to have. just imagine having such unconditional support system all throughout our lives. it will get rid off so much stress and tensions from our daily lives. all he could say was, “i like the idea, but don’t think it would be practical, going against human nature etc”.

wow, he spoke just like me when first heard about equal money system. i mean i had no clue what the fuck is this EMS and how it would work etc. more i investigated it, the more learned about it, everything just makes sense. at least my coworker understood that money is the god of the world. there is no other. money is the current , the currency of this world. know money, know life, no money, no life. pretty sad situation.

even in the midst of natural disasters people in japan will have to first worry about having enough money to survive in the days to come. charity will not be there for everyday. charity will end. whereas equal money system is unconditional and everlasting. equal money has no end, it will be here forever. every fucking thing in this reality based on money, there is nothing really you can do without money. we are like bunch of fucking slaves just trying to survive this life barely. that is not living, its surviving. bit like trying to finish a prison term . this is not living.

lets create a new world, with equal money system. join us. lets give us a new chance. give all of us a new chance. simple principle even mentioned in the fucking bible, ‘give and you shall receive.’

so investigate.


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