Converting to Islam ?

this is funny. i am invited by a ‘friend’ to have lunch this week, and the underline purpose of the meeting is a possible conversation of myself into his religion, which is islam. well with all due respect to my friend, i must say, that isn’t going to happen ever ever ever. you couldn’t possibly convert me into any religions let alone muslim.

i have nothing against any religions, it just i can’t stand to be brainwashed. i mean yeah i am brainwashed to some degree by other social bullshits like TV etc, how i wear cloth, what types of cloths i wear, what type of food i eat, the type of women i like to look at etc, all fucking complete brainwashing or mind programming. i mean everything i do is kind of preprogrammed. so if at least one bloody thing i can avoid been programmed and that is religion, i will gladly kick religion in its’ holy ass. i don’t’ need a fucking religion to tell me how to live my life.

everything is fucking preprogrammed, God can you imagine, what a slave way to live life, everything, even the eye movements are preprogrammed to some degree. how my eyes move here and there, is preprogrammed. how i talked others is preprogrammed, how i smile is preprogrammed, how and what books i read is preprogrammed. how i think certainly is preprogrammed. what patterns of thoughts and ideas i entertain is preprogrammed. i mean every fucking thing i do all day is preprogrammed. how i get aroused is preprogrammed. how i have sex i preprogrammed. how i touch or not touch is preprogrammed.

this ‘preprogrammed thing’ i noticed even before desteni. when getting into public buses in canada, i noticed that picking a seat is a preprogrammed decision. meaning which seat should i sit? next to whom should i sit? certainly not going to sit next to a ‘homeless’ looking bum ? certainly not going to sit next to a black guy who looks like he just came out of jail or something? or surely not going to sit next a fat ugly looking woman? of course a sweet looking gal who looks hot and attractive is a perfect candidate to sit next to.

been a ‘minority brown guy’ myself i have noticed how people would just look to avoid sitting next to me. its all fucking preprogrammed. some people are automatically dismissed as possible seatmates. no way on hell they will be desirable candidates to sit next to. all that shit is preprogrammed. i wondered how instantly we arrive at the decision on which seat to take on a public bus?

Racism is preprogrammed, sexism is preprogrammed, ageism is preprogrammed, regionalism is preprogrammed. cast-ism is preprogrammed. all kinds of group devotion is preprogrammed.

of all such bullshit preprogramms, for sure, accepting a religion is the most obvious yet so hard to see it. so this ‘friend’ of mine is islam because from the day one of his life, he was surrounded by muslims in an 99.99999% muslim environment, he didn’t know anything else. all is knew was the book, that one fucking holy book, the koran. so viola, he is a devotee of islam.

now will he understand his devotion as a preprogrammed mind conditioned acceptance ? will see over lunch, i will openly present some common sense points. its not all that easy to see beyond one’ preprogrammed bullshit. but i am sure he will turn the tables and charge me as a preprogrammed destonian.

hahahha. what a fucking bullshit. yes he can argue such, but i know where i stand. i stand as me. i am a self standing destonian. i stand as my own self honesty. i am my own self honesty. i have no judge or teacher to tell me how to live. i am my own teacher. i stand on my own two feet. i have no holy book. i have no prophet. i have not even a group to guide me or seek solace. the desteni group as a group yes very supportive, yet in that i seek no group-ism. for political activism yes group work is invaluable. i don’t’ go desteni to seek belonging or validation. or approval. i stand on my own two feet, yes thanks to desteni i am able to stand on my own two feet.

it will be an interesting lunch, but mark my words, even if hell freezes over, i ain’t going to be converted to islam or any other fucking religion. thanks, but no thanks. and you can keep all your virgins for yourself that you supposedly will receive in heaven.

walking a self honest path is more than enough for me, no need for any religions, certainly don’t need Islam.

i am open to enjoy a good lunch


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