Watching 2011 World Cup Cricket is an Addiction, its Mental Masturbation.

WTF. I am still crazy about this game called cricket. grew up watching it, playing it, and now the world cup 2011 cricket is going on, i am like glued to scores, thank god i don’t get the games on TV here, so at work every few minutes i will be checking the scores on games going on in south east asia right now. its a shame, how much i am mindprogrammed and controlled to watch bullshit game. and how much i react emotionally to the games ups and downs. specially for my team, i have strong attachment. this is a total mindfuck. no other word to describe the bullshit of attachment to sports.

As child i was into cricket, then into adulthood very much into watching and playing the game too. but now i hardly play it, just watching and reading about it like a religion almost. fucking bullshit. so what is that i am really ‘getting’ when my team is playing well ?

excitement, thrill, energy rush, belonging, victorious, group identification, kind of heard mentality by following a team, nationalism, etc. so all those are basically self definitions which i enhance through the national team. perhaps it has nothing to do with the game itself, its enhancement of self definitions i get by following the game. i mean, suppose if i am here just as breath, no such game following would be required.

i may have dumped all the gods and religions, but hell no i have not given up the god of spots and energy excitement. so i am back to square one again.

Tomorrow my team, sri lanka is playing against england in quarter finals. i am getting all excited to follow it online. watching the clip online etc. what a madness. what a waste of time, what a waste of life,

my time here on earth, is not about wasting on mundane religious bullshit like watching games or following them online. if anything,i should go out in the fields and play the game, get physical etc. just watching it like going to church is just pure bullshit.

the excitement to see my team win is a such big fucking deal. the desire to win, which is what creating hell on earth. the root of capitalism is also the desire to win. so participating and following sports is just like supporting capitalism. i mean sports is all about money anyways.

yeah so the world cup cricket is going on, while millions starving and dying in hunger and thirst. and i just want to get high in energy rush by seen my team winning. what a fucking bullshit. for sure it would be very painful to see my team lose. sure sign of attachment to bullshit.

so much fucking bullshits in our lives.

well return to breath, be here, be physical, consider what is best for all. speak for equality, stand for equality, self-forgive, be self honest. and stop participating in social bullshit like watching a fucking world cup game.

i am here. i breathe. i stand for what is best for all. my life here is not about entertainment, its about bringing equality for all, its about standing up for what is real.


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