Meeting of Destonians in Ottawa/Canada.

Tonight i met fellow destonians in ottawa/canada, it was very cool. we spoke with one voice. we shared views and our desteni experiences with one voice. this one voice was made possible thanks to the self forgiveness process each one has been walking for sometime. it is amazing to see how determined each person is in their commitment to self change and to change this world. i mean so much refreshing than speaking to so-called ‘normal bunch of people’.

tonight each destonian is a witness that the desteni process is the solution to self change and world change. i am my own proof and each is their own proof, yet in coming together each becomes a point of support to others. while the desteni process is a solo process, the group support is ample and amazing. talking to any destonian is a refreshing experience. i mean there is no bullshit. even if there is some bullshit it is quickly made visible. yeah looking back i made few comments that are full of bullshit. and that is ok because self-introspection, self-reflection, self-forgiveness, self-correction is what i am walking until i undo my bullshit completely.

1000s may reject the mission of equality, but to meet just 1 person who stands for equality is a joy.  when you hear the voice of that one who is speaking for equality, you know, you’re hearing the truth, the real stuff. so it was really cool a meeting. we are not same, but we are equal we are one.

tonight it become very clear to me: the mother of all problems in our world is lack of equality. every problem boils down to that. so when equality for all is here, there will be a new earth, a new heaven for all, us humans, animals, and nature.

I am glad i am walking this desteni process. and I am not alone.


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