Daily means everyday.

i am telling myself no blog tonight because its already past midnight. true, but it doesn’t take that long to write few lines. the point of self-writing daily is to write daily, not to miss even a single day. i just noticed i have submitted 70 blog entries since i started daily blogging, about 3 months back.

i have been rather regular about my daily blogging. i know, if i miss just one day, i will notice a difference, this daily blogging thing has really become a part of day to day living. i must write everyday, even if it is past midnight.

perhaps there is self joy in self writing. well let me not go there, the point i want to make is, just write, even few lines, it is sufficient. remember, this is called daily writing to freedom. so i cannot even miss a single day.

of course daily means everyday.

that’s all i have to say tonight, and for that i got a small blog entry tonight.

Join us, join this self blogging revolution, take small steps. write few lines, but do it daily.


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