2011 World cup cricket winner is already fixed: Its all about MONEY.

cricket is a fucking money printing machine. now with the world cup, millions if not billions will be made. even betting on the game outcomes is a huge bloody business. so you never know may be the final outcome of this saturday’s world cup final game is already fixed. we the ignorant spectators will shout and scream for our teams, while the big boys will cash in big time.

few years back a South African cricket captain admitted to match fixing. the guy even had a tattoo on his arm, WWJD, What Would Judas Do, opps sorry, What Would Jesus Do. And he did exactly that, follow judas. the fucking father of christianity.

so this saturday, don’t get all hyped up, the game is already decided by the money movers and shakers. such is life in this capitalistic world of ours, everything is decided by money. who lives, who dies, who eats, who starves, yes decided by the supreme godhead, the MONEY.

fucked up shit, so join us, investigate the Equal Money System. lets bring a new world where money doesn’t rule us humans. it is simply tool to exchange. Study investigate Equal Money System.

Make your fucking life a useful one


3 thoughts on “2011 World cup cricket winner is already fixed: Its all about MONEY.”

  1. Stop barking..India's victory was not fixed , but it was natural.Even your bloody Asshole have not the guts to clear out this.So shut up you foolish person.Sitting in CANADA doesn't make any sense to go against INDIA.. DESHDROHI

  2. IF it was fixed then sri lankans are bloddy thief of there own nation and they are not have any capability to win the world cup.

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