no Breath no Life, know Breath know Life.

i have not written in 5 days or so, already can feel the momentum to just discontinue writing. that is why it is so vital to write every day. write something, this is what i tell myself, write something, anything, any topic in relation to equality principles. there is ample to write about, then the mind is very good in finding reasons to skip things. so here i am after missing writing for 5 days, today have to force myself to write. it feels like as if i have never written. 1 week of non-writing can literally put an end to self writing. so no more. i am here, let me write something.

first, breathing, there is nothing without the breath. no life without breath. no self writing without the breath. breath is life. but breathing with awareness is living that life, otherwise just an automated machine doing the breathing for me. breath is nature, i am one and equal to nature when i breathe with awareness. so breathing here, staying with the physical as breath. so easy to get carried away into the mind and its bullshit. today i was mostly gone into the mind, i employed the breath and physical awareness to anchor myself in the physical. not always easy, but that is the only way to tame the mind. to breathe and be in the physical.

mind is a such multi dimensional information storehouse with many doors and rooms, dark corners, and red streets, memory lanes, you name it, anything can be found in the mind, its a maze within a maze of disjoined scatted random information store. the being can easily get lost in all that. so doing Mind-Construct with desteni-i-process has been painful but eyeopening. i can see my own bullshit here on paper. very painful to dig that out however. once all written on paper, i can see how i walked into self made messes. the maze of information is no more in the mind (hence the body as well), rather it is pulled out onto the paper, where the maze is visible.

clearing the information maze is done with self-forgiveness. Actual change comes with self-correction, that is when change is walked, where rubber meets the road.

for all that to work, breathing with awareness is the key. no breath no life. simple. tools only work if i allow myself to live as breath. if i purposely get into the mind, then what tools can help me ? nothing.

i will myself to walk as breath here now in the physical.

Stay away from positive people, they are the most evil.

stay away from so called positive people, because you never know when they will ditch you in the name of positivity. suppose you get sick or catch a flu, those positive people will do their utter most to stay away from you, and they will see you as ‘negative’. the moment they perceive you as negative, be careful, they will ditch you to maintain their positivity. you never know when you will be thrown out. yes taking practical caution to avoid catching a flu bug is one thing, but staying away from you because your apparent negativity is whole different story.

stay away from positive people, they are evil, they will ditch you at the hour of your need. not to mention if you catch any diseases they will run away from you. so get rid off your positive friends now.

all is life, equal and one, consider that. nearly 1 billion is starving, that’s a lot of negative people, starving is a negative thing, so are we going to discard them in the name of positivity ? fuck it.

lets embrace all with equality for all.

join desteni, the desteni of the universe, the most positive thing of the universe without any negativity.

join us if you dare to care, otherwise fuck off.