India won the world cup.

yeah fuck india won the cricket world cup. there goes my $10 fee to watch the game on tv. i just can’t believe how fucking addicted hooked and crazy about cricket. i had to watch it. and by the end when i realized that sri lanka is not going to win, i slowly left the restaurant as if i could care less about cricket final.

so it goes to show i wasn’t there to enjoy a game of cricket, rather i went to enjoy the feeling of wining. yes winning. that is why once realized that victory was not insight i lost all interest in the game. last one hour or so, i was gone. later on thru the website i found the actual result then didn’t even bother to read the details.

its not the love of the game, nor the physical mastery of cricket, no not at all, its all about enjoying the thrill of winning. bit like war, this is why nationalism and love for one’s army exist. its all about winning. we win thru sports, thru fights, thru wars, its all about winning.

the mind loves to win. its exciting to win. thrilling to win. energy rushing to score that victory.

and we can clearly see what winning has done to this world. capitalism is all about winning, in that game of survival some win most lose. we cannot afford to let capitalism continue in any form whatsoever. its time for a new money system.

so i stand for equal money system.


One thought on “India won the world cup.”

  1. Yeah. you son of a bitch. You dont know shit. Just conjure some words you dont know fucking meaning of and compose your shit.

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