My backchats must be written down.

backchatting continues. quick to blame, quick to find faults, quick to label, quick to judge, all that shit is backchatting. quick to attach value to an experience, quick to recall the fire from the memories are nothing but backchatts. another word for backchatting is monologues, dialouge inside the mind. you know the shit that goes inside the mind. it says it knows everything, it knows what even others think. ‘i know’ i know everything that is a backchat.

i want to really get down to business with my backchat, i want to catch the fucker on paper. well i am that fucker who is always thinking about some wicked plan about others. yes it is their fault, they did that to me, they said that to me, they are planning against me, of course, they are ganging up against me. gosh, wtf, the moment i think i am risking landing on a backchat. not acceptable. so i breathe, i am here. lets get the full details on backchat on paper.

gosh before i put my backchats into physical actions, i better stop this asap.

thats it for tonight.


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