Give and you shall Receive – Equal Money System.

yes, lets revisit this old principle, give and you shall receive. so far no practical means of implementing such thing has been invented, equal money system is the first such practical plan. give and you shall receive. i am simply amazed that we actually have a solution in our hands to fix all of world problems. now its only matter of putting it into place. this will require many humans studying and understanding equal money system. along with, it will require many humans applying self forgiveness to purify them.

we cannot miss this chance to clean up the world. a chance like this may never come again. so lets move lets act lets study lets get involved in this equal money system study. at this stage, the most important thing one can do is actually study what equal money is, share it with others. the word of mouth for a new world is the point of action for now. yes along with it, forgive yourself, self purification is a must with self forgiveness.

so check out:

lets give and receive. this is not charity. lets give to all and then all shall receive, this includes me and you, in fact everyone.


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