Which CULTure do you belong ?

CULTure. very fascinating thing. complete self merger with a so-called culture. really fucked up shit, this thing called culture. but really what is this endorsement or attachment to culture is all about?

Wars have been declared thanks to CULTures. and there are lot more than just so-called indian culture or western culture. following religions is a culture, chasing and believing in capitalism is CULTure, nationalism is a CULTure, chasing jesus is a CULTure, chasing any guru or god is a CULTure. promoting and protecting self interest is also a CULTure, a cult of ego.

but popular definition of CULTure is limited to groups of people based on their linguistic and regional characteristics. rather shallow definition actually. even within so called regional groups, there are sub groups and within such subs, there are even more sub groups.

Consider, India for example, so-called Indian CULTure doesn’t apply to every ‘Indian’. It all depends which part of india you’re from. South indian? ok, which part of south India you’re from ? Tamil nadhu? ok, which part of tamil nadhu you’re from ? Chennai, ok, which part of Chennai you’re from? you got my point, within various question (or filtering) you narrow down the person to a very specific CULTure. you can imagine, diversity within diversity though presented a fake notion of unity and oneness within the idea of CULTure. that is the popular definition. Its nothing but a self interest promoting, fear based CULT is what a CULTure is. In war and sports, socalled CULTure thrives.

Looking a bit deeper, what is a CULTure? As far as my experience, CULTure is a form of brainwashing limited to specific group, it is very exclusive. it does not consider what is best for all, it does not include every human being. it is purely ego based self interest based mind controlled brainwashed bullshit.

of course, religion is the greatest example of CULTure. even within the same religion there layers within layers, diverse enough to kill each other. But capitalism, consumerism, patriotism, nationalism, are also CULTures, but very hard to see it. Do you follow the CULTure of capitalism ?

so really investigate what CULTure do you belong. you could be doped without even knowing it. Be careful.

So I invite you to study the CULT of LIFE, Study Desteni. Study Equal Money System, study that which includes every human being, no exclusions whatsoever. of course, the abusers will be banned till they self-correct.

I am one vote for the CULT of LIFE which include everyone, every human being.

Study it, investigate what desteni.co.za is all about, what Equal Money System is all about.


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