BlackBerry’s Playbook is released. Nobody committed suicided.

Much awaited challenge to the Apple’s iPad is out in the market, designed, developed and deployed by Research in Motion, or RIM. It is the Blackberry Playbook, multitasking, flash supported web browsing, along with tons of other apps make the Playbook a real challenge to the iPad.

well the iPad is made in China and we all heard the news about slave labor situation in some of those iPad factories, wasn’t there some news about such laborers committing suicide etc? Chinese factory mangers had to employ security personals to keep an eye on workers so to prevent any overworked suicides.

Very bad image for Apple for indeed. I will certainly not buy an iPad just for that reason, knowing that some humans had to commit suicide in the process of developing the tablet.

No such bad news for the Playbook, nobody committed suicide here or there due to overworked stress. But then again, this overworked stress thing is not just an Apple thing, i am sure many other big names factories will have their share of laborers committing suicide or doing something crazy because of overworked stress.

The problem is not this company or that company.  The problem is the system, the capitalistic system that cares for none, it cares only for profit making. A race to make profit is the name of the game, employees, workers, laborers, are all actually slaves here in the west or in the factories in the east. Simply because we are all enslaved by the system of money. Capitalism is the cause problem.

With that realization, I will take my words above back about not buying an Apple’s iPad, I will not base my purchasing decision on Chinese worker suicide news, as it is nothing specific to Apple Inc. It could have happened in any Chinese factory, i mean every factory laborer over there is overworked. working 35-40 hours a week would a semi vacation for them.

So is it iPad or Playbook, let your personal taste be the judge, not the suicide news. I like the multi-tasking features of Playbook, while I google, i can work on my blog as well, and enjoy my favorite videos by Bernard Poolman on the background, all thanks to the multi tasking features of Playbook’s POSIX compliant operating system called QNX.  I love the QNX kernel, it has some cool features.

Yet, lets not forget why those Chinese workers committed suicide, one such death is too many. I certainly wouldn’t like to be a slave labor to survive in this world. To have a shelter, food, water, medicine, education, for myself and my children, i must not have to work like a slave, such needs are a basic human right.

I unconditionally caste my vote for Equal Money System, by which every human being will be supported from birth to death unconditionally. Equal Money System simply makes sense, its common sense, no need to work till you kill yourself so that you can feed your family.

Investigate Equal Money System.  


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