Live to bring Equal Money System. Don’t just live for Wall Street.

Just breathing, just here, in the physical. i notice i am rushing lately, many around me are rushing, to get the job done. what job is this? this is the job of survival, i mean nobody lives only survives. rushing to work, rushing for this or that, and then in one fine moment this rush comes to an end. because no matter how busy your life is, death cannot be postponed. when the time comes, you got to go.

so one way to live is to live here, cherish every breath here, in the physical, getting out of the mind. living in the mind is kind of been semi dead. ‘time’ flies faster inside the mind, living in the physical as breath, time stops. of course it is kind of boring to live as breath, the mind is so much more fun. so many dimensions of information and knowledge build up over the years exist within the mind. but to be here, as the breath, as breathing, as physical, all that information and knowledge must be given up at least momentarily. don’t worry you wont’ forget your home address.

lately i am rushing a lot, perhaps been too busy at work, home etc, gives me the feeling of rushness. really it is an excuse, if i am here as breath, do what i can do in one breath, then there is no rush. just living. doing what must be done. and doing what is best for all. of course, that must be the first goal, otherwise, no matter how many trees i cut, it matters not, my life must be best for all. i must do what is best for all. i mean otherwise what is the point, just live, make money, make sex, make kids, go shopping then die.

i dont’ want to be an expired consumer, i want to be a lived human being, whose contributions brought a world that is best for all. my life is only meaningful if Equal Money System came about, otherwise i am just a fucking consumer for big money machines, and then died like a fly on the wind screen. no more.

i am living here as breath, so that, i will do and bring about equal money for all. then, my life is well lived, good for me and good for all.

It all starts with this breath, here. No rush, just breath, bring about equal money for all.


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