Am i breathing this morning?

i am here, asking myself the question, am i breathing this morning? the question seems to stop the automation of breathing which the physical does it for me. imagine if i have to remember to breathe each breath, i would have been long dead by now. so the physical is far more wiser and supporting, whereas i am hardly aware of my breathing. its time to be equal and one to my physical, this is done with becoming equal and one to my breath here. with each breath, i am here. in breath, i am equal to all as the mind stop with breath. living as automated breathing sucks, i don’t know i am breathing, because its so automated. awareness attention is needed with each breath to be here. this is not to use the breath to be a ‘better’ person or for self empowerment, that would mean using the breath. no. breath is not my slave. breath is life, so breathing with awareness, i am equal and one to the breath of life. i am breath. i am the breath of life.

Just breathing. it is the only way to answer the question, am i breathing this morning? i cannot say i was breathing this morning or even last morning. breathing doesn’t happen in the past, you can only breathe here now.

but just breathing seem to boring, no excitement. there you go, that is the catch, i like to enjoy the exciting energy of thinking, so just breathing is a tough thing.

well decide, energy of thinking, or just be here with breathing.


One thought on “Am i breathing this morning?”

  1. In the colour of what is real. You've given quite an honest account of yourself.Just the same as everyone else. Are you happy with this homogeneous form of individuality?

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