is IMF raping Greece?

Crises in Greece. Wonder who is responsible for the mess over there? Nearly 30% of the public sector will be fired very soon as part of restructuring of Greece’s financial situation. Does anyone cares about those 30% public sector workers and their families, children etc, what sort financial consequences those people will face, does anyone worry about that?
Well, its re-profiling of Greece as IMF puts it. You got to make a profit to be worthy of existence. Be a person or a country, if you’re not profitable you’re gone. You will be chopped and reprofiled to be profitable.
God the entire world is a becoming a profit making machine. Every part is a potentially profit making entity. Greece is no different, the big bankers the IMF, and their friends at the EU will decide the fate of Greece.
And who will suffer, of course the normal average Joes of Greece. That goes without saying.
A nation’s fate at the hands of a bank. Isn’t that fascinating. To come out the debt crises and borrow more money to survive Greece will be subjected to rules and regulations of IMF and other lenders.
As humanity we are slowly but surely surrendering to the big banks. They are taking over. Humanity will become profit making slaves of the big banks. What’s unfolding in Greece is really tragic. The banks have to power to make or break an entire nation.
Such is the power of capitalism. It’s time for a new system.
Investigate Equal Money System, where there will be no need for bailouts, because every human will be supported with an unconditional living allowance from birth to death. Equal Labor system will equalize the wages for all labor.
Investigate, study what Equal money system is. For sure, you’re don’t’ IMF to decide your fate, banks can never be humanity’s friend. They just want to make a profit out of us all.
Equal Money is here to support us all.

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