Can you trust your car salesman with your Life?

I felt sad coming from the local car dealership today, whereas I should have been happy to have purchased a car for myself. I felt sad for number of reasons. first, the art of sales itself, one has to sell to survive, the salesman for an whole 2 hours or so, was talking the talk of selling. the man must have been exhausted in trying to convince me that i should make a deal. this is his way of making a living, selling.

But the tricky part about selling is some truths are not totally disclosed hence bit of secrecy is used in his sales tricks. I didn’t like that. I was told 5-years bumper-to-bumper warranty as part of the negotiated price, come signing time, he modified the story with the word “basic warranty”, so now i was locked into buy the so-called “extended warranty”, just adding another 30$ for the monthly payments. well, it is how they make their money by selling the extra services for the product.

One car salesman did the first part of the talking until I agree to purchase, then came the real salesman who wants to me buy one service item after another, he was there to go for the kill. As i was showing signs of no interest in buying all those extra stuff, he was getting annoyed and rather aggressive too. kind of a bully who just want to sell you something, and you better buy or else. Such is our economic reality, selling that extra bit of service is what helps him make a living. he is a slave too trying survive in this hash economic reality. I am sure if these salesmen don’t make the expected quota of monthly sales, they will heading home with a pink slip. there is no mercy for the fainthearted, either you go for the killing sale or you just don’t play the game of buying and selling.

So I felt sad, how cunning, deceptive, trickery and manipulative, cheating, bullying one must become in this economic reality just to survive. And certainly there is no trust, as I walked after after the signing up the deal, i lost even the little trust i had in car salesmen. Isn’t that sad, this economic reality breeds mistrust and fear.

Yet I am not all that sad, because  there is a solution to all this economic misery. Equal Money System, Equal labor System and all the other life supporting systems that will be presented by the Equal life Party gives me the real happiness. The era of buying and selling will end, era of profit making will end, a new era of trust will be born here.

A practical heaven on earth will be here. You will be able trust even your car salesman with your life. Now that is a reason for happiness.


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