Sex Sells: Model in half-bikini sells ice to Eskimos.

Bollywood movie industry is one of the biggest money makers in India. What exactly do they sell? Entertainment of course. But it so happened, this entertainment is mostly filled with beautiful women and hunks. Even back in the dark ages of 60s and 70s, Indian movies were filled with beautiful women and handsome men. If the movies are about storytelling and acting, why only pretty ones make it?

Nowadays in India, movies are filled with pretty and sensual women. Its arousing just to look at them in various dancing positions and ultra super sexy dresses. Sex of course is still not on your face, its not porn yet, but the implied message of sexuality and sensuality is on your face. You can get easily turned on by Hindi movies these days without any implied scenes of penetration.

It is sex that is being sold on the silver screen. And of course Hollywood is no different, and the TV commercials are filled with sexually implied messages.

So when a Bollywood or Hollywood princess does a TV commercial for any product, its an instant seller. People love their screen heroines and their promotions. Who wins? big companies of course.

So selling is achieved through sex. Thats the bottom line.

In India handsome actors in their late years sometimes enter politics and few have hit chief minister level victories. In the state of Tamil Nadu in India, one famous good looking hunky actor was premier for 3 times or so, he was so famous, people would just vote for him no matter what. Through his sexy looks and charm he got elected to the highest office in the state. (Google M. G. Ramachandran Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for more info.) When he died, his silver screen lover took over the high office, then she ruled the state for 3 terms or so. People were so captivated by this silver screen couple, they just voted them in.

Sex don’t just sell, it gets you elected to the high office. Sex is profitable and indeed electable.

A super model in a half bikini can sell ice to Eskimos. Such is the power of sex and sexually implied mental conditioning. Who is the ultimate winner in all this ? The large companies who get their products sold no matter what. And us fucking retard human race will buy anything promoted with sexually charged energy.

This is mind control, like most everything else in our lives in this world, we are mind controlled robots serving the masters of capitalism. Sell baby sell, buy baby buy is the sole purpose of our lives here. End this madness.

Join desteni, join the desteni-i-process to birth yourself as a real human being. And yes now you can goto a Bollywood Hindi movie and actually enjoy it without getting all preprogrammed for your next purchase.

Be a real human being.


2 thoughts on “Sex Sells: Model in half-bikini sells ice to Eskimos.”

  1. thanksthe attention for sex is already implemented in the child's mind at a young age through subliminal messaging in children's cartoons and animations.When we grow up we are directed by this energy generating imagery we're addicted to. But we can stop ourselves from automatically functioning like robots that react according to their preprogramming and change ourselves to become worthy of Life, supporting Life. Like through the development of the Equal Money System.

  2. yeah she is not the only one whom MGR acted sexily. Two names comes to my mind immediately one is Latha and the other is Bollywood beauty fact these two with whom MGR acted very sexily and particularly with bollywood beauty he NEVER hesitates to wear swim suits and in turn she never says no to wearing thighs exposing midi and boobs showing tight dresses.

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