Holy Cross Catholic Church, Thank You, now lets bring Equal Quality of Life to All.

Back in 1989 when I arrived in Canada all by myself, I found myself in a rather difficult situation. I came to Canada as an International student to study in University of Victoria in BC Canada. War was in high swing at that time in Sri Lanka, like most Sri Lankan Tamils, I wanted to get the fuck out of Sri Lanka alive. I was lucky to get admitted to study in Canada, I was fortunate enough that my parents paid my ticket to Canada and gave me enough money for first year to survive. There was no way of earth my parents could have support me though 4-5 years of University education as an international student (who pays 3-4 times higher than the local student) in Canada.

I met the campus Catholic chaplain and discussed my situation, here i was very alone, new to the country, just 20 years of age, with a bleak financial prospect, and my chances of continuing with my education looked increasingly bleak. The chaplain, late Rev. Father Leo Robert was a kind man, he understood my situation and moreover he understood that I cannot return to my native country, Sri Lanka. A slight possibility of deportation from Canada existed as well due to lack of funds for the 2nd year of school. Things looked very bad for me.

He arranged with his church, which i later became a member of, to assist and support me financially through my University by providing me with a bursary. A heavy burden was taken out of my head, my life changed completely, I could now focus on education and not about money or place to live etc.

The good people at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Victoria BC full-filled Fr. Leo’s request and supported me financially.   They bailed me out of a seriously difficult personal life situation.

Some 21 years later, I am living a good life as a Canadian Citizen, things indeed good for me.

But today, I write this note about a situation that is much more darker and serious. And I am writing this to request their support one more time. This time, I personally request the Church and their members to really investigate the situation and make personal contributions.

Now I am with a group called desteni, a group that is dedicated to bring Equal Quality of Life for All humans. This will be done via a series of life supporting systems called: Equal Money System, Equal Labor System, Equal Housing System, Equal Education System, Equal Healthcare system etc. It is a serious undertaking and it will be done. However, at this stage, the desteni group is at “Research Phase”, meaning, handful of dedicated beings on a full time basis do research on things that matters to life. Above all, they support us robotic humans to become real humans, which is essential for a world to change.

In supporting me, essentially the Holy Cross Church supported 1 human being, though i am grateful, but that support did not reach the whole world, it did not touch all 6-7 billion of us. Whereas by supporting the desteni group in their research efforts, your contributions will bring about a change for the whole world. It will touch the lives of 6-7 billion humans, in fact everyone of them. A world will be changed.

In the next 20-25 years, desteni solutions to world problems will be presented via a political forum, via a political entity. We will be elected and above mentioned life supporting systems will be implemented in ever country. Humans will at last live without the burden of fear and anxiety. Just like how the good people of Holy cross catholic church bailed me out of anxiety and worry, Equal Money System will bail out every human being.

For this, desteni group must be supported and assisted. Of course the best support is to join them, and be them.

So this is a very kind request to all Holy Cross Church members, friends, my brothers, my family and to all so-called strangers to support desteni group. Desteni Research must continue, Equal Money System must be implemented. This world must be changed so that it is BEST for All.

Thank you.


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