72 years old and forced to work. We need Equal Money System.

With the way things are going, there is no assurance what will happen to our old people. specially when they don’t have big savings or assets like houses and lands to live by. Many put their funds in some kind of a retirement growth or savings plan, hoping it will grow and grow into millions when they retire. What happens when such growth funds disappear or their stock value crashes.

Most old people don’t have the assurance and assistance to live a dignified life. They rely upon their sons and daughters to take care of them in their old age. In such scenario the old persons have to depend on their luck.

What we need is a state run system to care and support old people unconditionally. With their basic needs, healthcare, transportation, medicine, and whatever they need. A system must provide, meaning they dont’ have depend on anyone’s kindness or emotion. Old people today hoping at best their stocks will do good, otherwise either they have to work in their old ages or just live a miserable old life and then die.

yesterday i spoke to a man who is 72 years old, and he is working 24 hours a week to assist him with some extra cash. at 72 having to work for money for survival is not something i will look forward to. The man didnt’ have a choice, he is basically forced to work for survival, even at 72. that is sad.

Capitalism don’t care for the human being either when they young or old. It cares about making a profit at any cost. So, lets create a new system, the Equal Money System. It is in our hands to design and implement such system.

Join desteni, investigate the  equal money system. lets change this world for the young and old, so it is BEST for ALL.  


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