Breaking News: Only money makes News Newsworthy.

To be newsworthy you got have money. money will make any news newsworthy.  Then there is the one-sided reporting, which is basically thru the influence of lobbying, and to lobby you got have money, big money.
then there is the fear mongering news, as fear attracts large TV audiences, hence the kidnapping of a child, or the disappearance of a woman, or some mentally ill child sex offender getting out of jail will be big news, because it draws the crowds, it appeals to their fears. Big audience means big ratings, which obviously mean money. its not that the News organization cares about the missing child or kidnapped woman, it’s simply juicy stories to activate audience fears hence translate that into high ratings and high money.
Getting you hooked to TV is the first and foremost purpose of News.  TV entertainment is totally driven for that purpose only, to jack up the ratings.
2004 South Asian Tsunami, or recent Tsunami in Japan, or the 9/11 events, or the recent super bowl game are happy meals for TV organizations, as their audiences increase, ratings goes up, hence more profit. TV ads during Super Bowl games can go up to millions easily. I wonder what was the TV ad prices during the initial hours when Tsunami stuck recently in Japan. It must have been a god-send boost to their revenues.
In this money making game of news business, what is really newsworthy is very hard see, it’s all about money, isn’t it. The newsworthiness boils down to money, not the real human story.
Today CNN news can be seen from any country in the world. With such power to influence, educate, inform, why can’t it educate humans about the world crises and potential solutions.
Yes, first speak about the real human problems, then, discuss the real solutions.  One billion humans starving is a real human problem, but never seen or heard on TV.   Equal Money System is THE solution, I guess you will never hear that on TV either. What Lady Gaga doing in Hollywood tonight? Ample of that.
News is not what is best for ALL, it serves only its capitalistic masters. 
Join desteni. Lets make breaking news, Equal Money System is the solution. 

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