“My family also need a house” – 10 year old boy.

My son has a cool new friend, this 10 years old boy is from Philippines, he has 5 older siblings and his family recently immigrated to Canada. They have been in our apartment complex for 1 year or so now. Today the boy came over for dinner, it was sweet to hear him talk. Realizing that we are moving to a new house next weekend, he made a very fascinating comment: “My family also need a house”.

It was a touching moment. Hearing that my wife later told me that she was touched so much by that comment. Here we are packing boxes all over the living room, excited about our new home, yet that joy cannot be shared by our amicable young guest. The child probably knows about the financial difficulties of his own family, with 6 kids and parents doing low end jobs, they probably know that owning house is not within their immidieate  dreams. Perhaps few years down the road once established in Canada, yes they could own a house.

But the boy with all his innocence believed in what he said: “my family also need a house”. It was more than a statement, it came as a request, as if he is requesting us to provide his family with a house. There is no need to get emotional about this, it is simply a fact, this child like any other in this world like his family to live in a house, a nice house. and why not. Who wants to live in a little box-like apartment specially if you have 6 plus 2, that is 8 of them in a 2 bedroom apartment. I admit i was moved by his words too, but i was not over taken by guilt or feeling pity him. I neither felt sorry for him, nor i am going to do the charity thing and get his family a house. Nay. charity doesn’t work no matter how big your heart is, we all know that.

The boy’s words reminded me of the urgency of desteni message. Equality for All. A dignified life for all. In this case, an Equal Housing System is the solution. Equal Housing would provide every human with a place called home, a dignified roof over your head. Not a shelter of charity, not a room to crash in for the night, not a temporary dorm to crash with your family for few weeks, nope, none of those is dignified.

Equal Housing System will provide a house to every human, a dignified place that you can proud call it as your home. Having a home is an unconditional equal human right for every human being.

Our little guest is probably too young to hear about Equal Housing System and Equal Money System. But tonight in this blog, I want to assure him and all children in this world, that your family will have a house, a place of dignity that you can call home. Regardless of who you are or what your parents are capable of, your family will be qualified to a house.

This is the mission of desteni, to bring dignified life to all humans which includes Equal Housing for All.

Join us, http://www.desteni.co.za and http://www.equalmoney.org

Don’t give into charity, or feelings of pity or sorry, our little friend don’t need your sorry, what he and his family urgently need is an Equal Money System and Equal Housing System here now.

So join us, if you can hear the cry of a 10 year old, he needs your able support and common sense understanding in bringing about Equality for All. He doesn’t need your petty charity, he needs Equal Housing System that supports every human being.

What a pleasant dinner, delicious curry chicken, rice, rotti and veggies, ample to eat and enjoy. Yet in all this, i am reminded, equal bounty for all is a matter of urgency, otherwise all will be gone, as someday death ends everything. So before your party ends, join desteni, investigate equal money and equal housing. But first, investigate Self-Forgiveness, as it is indeed the first step to bring equality for all.

Thank you young friend, for your words tonight, I will remember it till equality for all here is established.

Self-hell is just a thought away.

it doesn’t take too long to manifest self-hell nowadays. i noticed that today. i was at a meeting about 10 of us sitting around, instead of talking the subject matter most people tend to drift towards their self importance. most of the time i sat without any judgement or thinking, it was ok, i didn’t suffer.

then, for some reasons i started to participate in thoughts of critics and judgement, i started to blame few within my mind. i could actually count the number of thoughts i was engaged in, just a few. viola, moments later, some energetic irritation, frustration took over me, as if something boiled over within me. i started to speak. suddenly i was on the attack, i started to blame and blame, it so happened i picked the most ‘innocent looking person’ in the group, i attacked him with blame. of course, if you look at my reasons they look logical, but what you will not see is that my outburst was a consequential outflow of few thoughts i just had minutes ago.

it was hell, self hell made by self for self. yes i could have stopped the participation in thinking, but i didn’t, so it was too late when i got energetically possessed. it seems it is easier stop thinking than to stop the outburst of energy either as anger or irritation.

i learned a big lesson today, hope it won’t cost me anything, as at workplace such outburst are considered  ‘unprofessional’ and ‘trouble’ to say the least. i thought i am a cool guy, not really it all depends on how much pressure is there at the moment, and how much i think about it. as they all contribute to the consequential outflow of events, in this case, a self-hell.

i have to change. i mean i will stop this bullshit. i will stop myself from any and all forms of thinking. the moment i see  i am on a path of judgement i will stop. the moment i see i am on self pity or self judgement i will just stop. it doesn’t take me anywhere but self hell. today i didn’t stop them, i allowed and accepted the thoughts and energy that came with it. i made my self hell for me. certainly there was no god to save my ass.

it is really time for self responsibility. its high time i take a serious look at my secret mind and its hidden chambers. i am so used to energetic outbursts, and this is how i have been living, and this is how i have been creating hell for me.

ok past is past. now i have a new breath. i am determined to be here as breath. as anything else is really hell. the next outburst will be even worse, as everything is now compounding.

Looking again at the meeting scene, i can see my drama also got another angle. it is do with wanting attention from others.  gosh what a price to pay for that.

“In life and in death, you’re alone”, forgetting that i rush for attention, be it positive attention or negative attention, wanting to grab other’s their attention, their energy, all to just fill me up. had i remained here as breath, i could have participated in the meeting usefully and if needed direct others gracefully to stay focused within the agenda of the meeting.

ok i start again.