‘Islamic Money System’ is religious capitalism, not an actual Solution.

Islamic Money System is not what is ‘best for all’. Islamic Money System is NOT Equal Money System.
IMS has some noble principles yes, for example, it eliminates the principle of credit, no creation of credit is allowed;  money as such (dinar) must be an actual represent of physical gold or silver. IMS doesn’t permit the principle of interests on loans. One very interesting principle of IMS is sharing of profit and loss by creditor and debtor, which implies equal sharing of responsibility.
At best, we could say, Islamic Money System or the so-called Islamic Capitalism is just that, a system, a definition for money and money management, a religious version of Capitalism. Within such system, principles of profit, lenders, borrowers, banks, an economy, winners and losers still exist.  IMS tries to put an altruistic face to the modern day nasty blood sucking Capitalism.  Besides, it has a touch of religious based communal mentality to it; IMS tries to promote Islam, dinar, and the general well-being of the Muslim community. What about the rest of the world?
Islamic Money System, is exactly that a system not a solution. That is where IMS differs from Equal Money System.
Equal Money System is not an improvised version of any existing monetary system, no not at all. Equal Money System is a SOLUTION to world’s most pressing human problems: Starvation, poverty, homelessness, lack of healthcare, work related stress, family disputes, depression, physical sickness, lack of education, unavailability of water and food, fear of survival, mental anxiety and worry over money, home foreclosures, lack of self-expression at work, environmental and industrial pollutions, destruction of nature and animal kingdom, pollution of rivers and seas, etc etc etc, are some of the pressing problems Equal Money System will solve.
Equal Money System is a solution to a world at peril. While Islamic Money System a religious idea to make Islam and Muslim community prosper, at best. It will not solve any of the  above mentioned human problems worldwide. No wonder IMS never got off the ground.  

To be fair, perhaps the authors of IMS in the early days may have in spirit sought to achieve a monetary system that is proper and prosperous for the whole of mankind overtime, so given the scope and limitations, their work is commendable, but sadly, it is not a solution to the world as it is today. This is not to insult Islam nor the authors of IMS, but simply to point out, there is a real solution for humanity.    
Investigate, study, learn what Equal Money System is, take self-responsibility for this world.

I am sure even Allah, the God of Islam or any God for that matter will approve Equal Money System, because it is simply what is best for all. 

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