EQUALIFE – What does it mean ?

Since i got EQUALIFE as my license plates in the province of Ontario, few had questions about it. Obviously the word EQUALIFE though missing one ‘L’ still reads like EQUAL LIFE. Now the question is what does it mean? what does Equal life or Equality for All mean?

Does it mean communism ? No, Does it mean quota based affirmative actions? No. Does it mean anarchy ? No. Then what the hell is Equal Life or EQUALIFE really means?

Providing access to high quality of life for every human being is the aim of EQUALIFE, and that is provided unconditionally. Everyone has right to food and water, live, work, get medicine, see a doctor, education, housing, shelter, etc etc, all the basic needs to live with dignity will provided. All humans will have access to high quality of life. yes starting with equal money system, equal labor system, equal healthcare system, equal education system, equal housing system, etc. The purpose is not to create a quota system, not at all. The new systems will provide a high quality of life for all, unconditionally, just because you’re a human being.

Now the big question, how will it be paid ? That is another blog, but the short answer is: we will redefine what money means, after all money is something we agree to give value to. who says 1 dollar means 1 dollar? it is matter of value assignment given to it.

Consider this: value of money is life. what we value is life, since everyone is life, we value all equally. we also value money as life. Though the fine details still to be researched, but the principle of equality for all, and all life supporting systems are rock solid. The “HOW TO” will be researched into finest details. It is indeed doable, sustainable, practical, pragmatic, above all it is what is best for all.

Next time you see my personalized ontario license plates reading EQUALIFE you will know what exactly it means. It is a practical reality that will be manifested here within next 20-30 years. Equal life, EQAULIFE will be here forever as practical heaven on earth.


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