Swami Ramdev don’t die, live to birth Equal Money System.

Fasting unto death is useless.
Even if you die Swami Ramdev, nothing is really going to change. Lets imagine you actually died from this fast, you held onto your words, and you died in demanding an end to corruption in India.
Lets’ walk through the scenarios:
Your heroic death will be announced like the death of a valiant prince, your followers will wail and mourn for days, perhaps a week before they return to their regular normal jobs, TV channels will cash in big time by flashing your funeral images. The corrupt Government of India will declare a state of mourning, the Indian flags will fly at half mask, some sad tunes will played on national Indian radio stations, some protesters will continue to gather for sometime before they return to their regular jobs.
How long will the show of your heroic death last? Officially 3 days of mourning, perhaps another week or two.
Months or years down the road people will not even remember your name. By the next national election time, Swami Ramdev will be remembered like the Rama of the Ramayana, just a long forgotten folk hero.  While Rama tried to save Sita from the evil Ravana, Swami Ramdev fasted unto death to end the evil of corruption in India.
At best, the average Indian might mention you down the road, but you will not retain your current hero status. Thanks to TV business and your 30 million viewers, you are a hero today, but after your death, you will be forgotten just like a dead fly on the windscreen.
Your fast unto death approach is utterly useless.
So, Swami Ram dev waste not your life on nonsense fast unto death drama, instead investigate a real solution. There is a real way to end corruption in India and elsewhere. Join the Equal Life Foundation, investigate Equal Money System, Equal Labor System, understand the root cause to corruption, understand the fundamental changes that will be needed to bring a new world.
Swami Ramdev, you’re not my guru or hero, but take my advice, stop fasting unto death nonsense, and save your life. Perhaps this whole fast unto death episode may  take your TV show’s ratings and popularity to a new high level, yes that you will get, but it will not end corruption in India, never. I am sorry to say, your life will be a total waste if you actually die from this fast.
Instead, join us, join the Equal Life Foundation, study what Equal Money System is all about. This is THE solution that will end corruption everywhere.  
But the question remains: Swami Ramdev, will you stand for Equal Money System to actually end corruption everywhere? or Swami, are you just a showman? 
Investigate: desteni.co.za and equalmoney.org

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