Swami Ramdev is Alive. It’s time to Self-Forgive and study Equal Money System.

After 8 days of hunger strike, the prominent Indian yoga guru has called off his fast. Apparently another prominent Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has persuaded Ramdev to end this madness. well i am glad ramdev is alive. Now what, is the question. Ramdev with a following of 30 million TV viewers for his own show is no fool, he knows exactly how pieces are moving within the current money and political systems in India. But why can’t he see that corruption in India has no cure within the current system. why can’t he understand that no political party can offer a corruption free rule in the nation, its a pipe dream to wish for such thing.

Equal Life Party and Equal Money System are the only real solutions. But why? 
Self-forgiveness brings about self-honesty, as humans become self-honest they can become real human beings. Therefore real self-honest politicians will be born. Again, this is only possible with self-forgiveness and self honesty. Swami ramdev’s popularity nor his large following is of no use to Equal Money System movement without the application of self forgiveness. Swami ramdev, apply self forgiveness, became a self honest human being. Then, yes you and your following is of real use to the Equal Life Party and Equal Money System. 30 million self honest human beings can change this planet for real.  
Only real self honest human beings can rebirth a new earth. Your popularity will not birth heaven on earth. Never. But your application of self forgiveness will. 
Swami Ramdev, now that you have ended your fast unto death, please investigate self forgiveness and equal money system.

Visit us: http://www.equalmoney.org

Thank you. I am glad you’re alive. Lets join hands to bring a new earth for all of us. 

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