Is Capitalism more evil than Hitler?

Hitler, the most evil man ever known to mankind is finally getting knocked off from his notorious position. There is something more evil than Hitler, yes indeed. It is called Capitalism. Lets apply a simple mathematical equation to make this case. By the way, please, this is no beatification of Hitler, this is simply to see what more evil things that exists in our world to which we turn a blind eye to.

Lets look at the numbers: 10 million humans directly or indirectly killed by Hitler. Some may argue that number as too low, while others may say its too high, so adjust the number to your justifiable range. So 10 million humans lost their lives for the madness of one man, Hitler.

Come to Capitalism. nearly 3 billion people below the poverty line, 1 billion people in the brink of starvation, millions either die or in extreme situations due to poverty, millions homeless, many millions have no fresh water, economic hardship and/or severe working conditions, becoming prostitutes to feed their families, many die out of lack of healthcare due to sky rocketing healthcare bills, desperate unemployment, enslavement in factories, no pension, sudden lost of pension funds and investments, etc.

I mean a very long list of destitute living conditions have been brought upon human beings by the wonderful capitalism.

I wonder what they teach at the London school of economics ?

Do the math, add each human who lost his/her life in relation to matters of money. how many has money killed directly or indirectly? how many has the banks killed directly or indirectly, all in the name of money and making  a profit?

Addition is a simple form of mathematics, so I assume you can do the math for yourself. Far more millions are dying or dead due to Capitalism, hence it is far more evil than Hitler ever was or could have been.

Capitalism is an evil that has no end. It must be stopped.

Solution: Equal Money System.  Join us, investigate what is equal money system. Don’t turn a blind eye now, there is lot more evil than Hitler, yes, so it is your self responsibility to undo the evil. Join us.


2 thoughts on “Is Capitalism more evil than Hitler?”

  1. i agree that capitalism, as communism and nationalism are unefficient and unfair social systems. All are based on decreasing rate of return, because they did not recognize investment in human (moral, intellectual, and social) capital, where we could have INCREASING rate of return.

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