$2 Trillion dollar coin to solve the debt ceiling ? Money is just an idea.

Daily blogging continues.

Today in CNN site, I read an article about $2 Trillion dollar coin as solution to the on going debt ceiling problem. Very fascinating, the author simply suggests that to avoid the ongoing  political/legal battles and hurdles, so that President Obama can raise the debt ceiling simply by making a coin or two, a trillion dollar coin that is.

Wow what a wonderful idea, basically, lets make the $2 Trillion dollar coin and deposit in the Federal Reserve bank and from the reserve accounts simply issue checks to pay the Federal bills. The author suggest it as a technical means to avoid the House/Congress etc.

What fascinating about the suggestion is, we can print/build notes/coins and simply make it available for general use. So in way, the power of money is born as a concept at the moment of printing/making, money in itself has no innate value of its own, money’s value is what you assign to it. In words, money is just an idea.

Currently the idea of money, is to serve the rich masters, to fuel and propel the Capitalistic system. This idea is obviously has proven itself to be a very bad idea, nothing wrong with money itself however, it is simply the idea behind current money that is bad, because it is not serving the best interest of all. It only serves the interest of selected few, the elitist few.

A new idea about money is what Equal Money System is all about. Equal Money System is not magic or miracle, it is simply a new idea given to money, so that money will be serving the best interest of ALL humans.

In other words, lets make a 2$ Trillion dollar coin, and divide that into 6-7 billion parts, and give each human a part to live with self-dignity and self respect. That is an example of how simply by changing the idea of money, you serve the best interest of all humans. Changing from Capitalism to Equal Money System is simply a change of ideas about money. That is the magic, we have been conditioned to deny.

Lessons of Debt Ceiling crises has taught me one thing: Money is indeed an idea. We as humanity can redefine it to a new idea. Lets investigate Equal Money System.

Join us: equalmoney.org

Self-Exorcism is about Self-Breathing and Self-Forgiveness. Kill Thy Demons.

Daily blogging, self writing continues, and it should, accepting and allowing anything less than daily writing is form of laziness and self abuse. I am here, in this process to self birth myself as life, so I must commit to it, taking the least resistant path is no self application. Anyways.

Here I am. breathing.  I must remind myself that this is self-writing. I am writing to support myself, this is not a lecture or preach material for the readers. Readers however can assist themselves if they find anything useful in this. Oops, I see a kid throwing angry tantrums at another kid, looks very much like how grown up humans behave. Certainly looking at myself, god, how i lose it all when anger takes on over me.

Today I listened to Bernard Poolman’s vid titled “Parasatic Ego” very cool points, I highly recommend you watch it, not once but few times. I need to watch it hear it, a few more times. He explains how an emotional construct gets build up and turn itself into a demon. By giving it energy and repeated thinking about it, an emotional construct can take a life of its own leading oneself into a demon, anything from murder, rape, stealing, killing can happen, just because one accept and allow a singular emotional construct to gain momentum within the mind.

Such a dangerous construction, yet one is not without help. Breathing, self forgiveness are the tools of self exorcism.  These are the days of the demons. I know i have been demonic, thank god, nothing serious happened, which means i still have a chance to rebirth myself and live a pretty decent life that is good for me and for rest of humanity.

I have committed myself for the next 21 days, to discipline myself to breathe often here now. Also to intensify my spoken self forgiveness activities. I have the time, the opportunity, the space, I mean i got all i need, and I am on vacation from this Friday, so why not, give myself totally into walking as breath here and applying self forgiveness. I on vacation, I don’t need to think. I need to just breathe.

This is the real vacation I will give to myself, to breathe and self forgive the whole time. And I will myself to do it. I  don’t need thinking nor thoughts to entertain me nor give me a sense of self. I am here as breath. God. for once, let me apply myself for real.