Capitalism is awesome for winners like Robert Mugabe. In Equal Money System, everyone is a winner.

Robert Mugabe and his opulent lifestyle while millions starve in his country, is a shame for all of us. We as humanity have allowed and accepted a system of Inequality where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So in this Robert Mugabe is simply a winner who got everything, can’t really blame him as an isolated case. I am sure many of us would love such opulence and power, only luck didn’t’ favor us as it favored him. Is Robert’s opulence any more outrageous than how the Royals live, just take a look at all things Royal and Royal-wannabes. The principle of inequality operates even in smallest towns, no need for Royals to show that to us.

It is the current system as we have accepted and allowed which permits and permeates such outrageous vanity while nearly 1 billion struggle without proper food or fresh water. The system favors ‘winner gets all’ principle; competition at any cost is the underlying subtle tactic we all subscribe to. In every country, in every village, humans are trained to compete against each other, survive at any cost. It’s a dog eat dog system we have created for ourselves. Look at how kids are trained for exams.

So to end all abuse, you have to end this abusive system of capitalism where the ‘winner gets it all’. Instead, bring a system where every human being is given a living allowance unconditionally and supported from birth to death. The principle of profit and competition will end with it.

Indeed the new world will look like a heaven on earth, practically. Investigate Equal Life Foundation, and Equal Life Party, we are busy preparing for a heaven on earth, that is our political and economic mandate.

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