Pre-programmed Life. Astrological predictions, will They Become True?

Here I am email responding to a question asked about astrology, astrological predictions, and pre-programmed life etc.


Yes things are pre-programmed for the most part. But is it every breath you take pre-programmed? This very breath you take right here now, is it preprogrammed to such an extent, how you will breathe and how you will inhale/exhale etc? There are millions and billions of cells in your body, isn’t it, can astrology predict the movement of each cell because your life is pre-programmed ? 

I understand many things/events were pre-programmed in our lives, but that doesn’t imply a complete robotic way of existence. Generally speaking things are going to be worse much worse in coming years isn’t it, at least that is what we hear from desteni portal interveiws. And it makes sense, the abuse must end, so as part of the ending of the current system, much suffering is on the way. listen to those early portal interviews. 

Now astrology as such is a whole different matter. I dont’ subscribe to astrology, not anymore anyways. Just as how i got rid of my religious and cultural BS, i totally got rid of astrology. Once i was an astrology addict, recall going to see astrologers in Toronto with such excitement and joy to hear my fate; very similar to anticipating a sexual excitement, a thrill to visit the astrologer, to hear him speak about my wonderful future. 

Amazing how trapped i was into it, now, astrology is nothing, it has completely lost its charm. So what about all those astrological predictions apparently pre-programmed, will they come true? I don’t know, for sure, time will tell. Again, you cannot convince yourself of anything; do your self forgiveness, become self honest, then all such BS predictions vanishes. You will laugh at your astrologer’s predictions for its utter childlike nonsense, for him its real stuff. 

Nothing can predict you once you’re walking a self honest life. Life cannot be predicted, only a mind-controlled system of things can be predicted. Based on the power of astrology, can your astrologer predict the dawn of Equal Money System on this earth? I bet he can’t, for it is not part of the pre-programmed things. 

I know i didn’t answer your questions here, but the simplest advice is, walk your life, breathe, self forgive, become self honest, engage yourself fully within the desteni process, then, you will direct you as the directive principle. You’re life, you’re your own directive principle, certainly not your astrologer nor his predictions going to direct you. 

You becoming you is the greatest gift you can Give for you, hence you for(G)vie you. 

ok cool, next time


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