$2 Trillion dollar coin to solve the debt ceiling ? Money is just an idea.

Daily blogging continues.

Today in CNN site, I read an article about $2 Trillion dollar coin as solution to the on going debt ceiling problem. Very fascinating, the author simply suggests that to avoid the ongoing  political/legal battles and hurdles, so that President Obama can raise the debt ceiling simply by making a coin or two, a trillion dollar coin that is.

Wow what a wonderful idea, basically, lets make the $2 Trillion dollar coin and deposit in the Federal Reserve bank and from the reserve accounts simply issue checks to pay the Federal bills. The author suggest it as a technical means to avoid the House/Congress etc.

What fascinating about the suggestion is, we can print/build notes/coins and simply make it available for general use. So in way, the power of money is born as a concept at the moment of printing/making, money in itself has no innate value of its own, money’s value is what you assign to it. In words, money is just an idea.

Currently the idea of money, is to serve the rich masters, to fuel and propel the Capitalistic system. This idea is obviously has proven itself to be a very bad idea, nothing wrong with money itself however, it is simply the idea behind current money that is bad, because it is not serving the best interest of all. It only serves the interest of selected few, the elitist few.

A new idea about money is what Equal Money System is all about. Equal Money System is not magic or miracle, it is simply a new idea given to money, so that money will be serving the best interest of ALL humans.

In other words, lets make a 2$ Trillion dollar coin, and divide that into 6-7 billion parts, and give each human a part to live with self-dignity and self respect. That is an example of how simply by changing the idea of money, you serve the best interest of all humans. Changing from Capitalism to Equal Money System is simply a change of ideas about money. That is the magic, we have been conditioned to deny.

Lessons of Debt Ceiling crises has taught me one thing: Money is indeed an idea. We as humanity can redefine it to a new idea. Lets investigate Equal Money System.

Join us: equalmoney.org

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