The Power of Accepting and Allowing.

What I accept will indicate what I will allow within myself and the world.

If I accept porn, then I am allowing the consequences of porn to occur within myself and the world.

If I accept prostitution, then I am allowing the abuse of women.

If I accept child-labor, then I am allowing the abuse of children.

If I accept labor abuses by corporations, then I am allowing human slavery and justifying it as supply and demand of the market conditions.

If I accept War, then I am allowing the consequences of war like rape, murder, homelessness etc.

If I accept racial superiority or inferiority, then I am allowing racial violence.

If I accept wife-beating, then I am allowing violence against women.

If I accept beating up children as normal discipline acts, then I am allowing violence against children.

If I accept sexual fantasy involving children, then I am allowing child-sex.

If I accept dishonesty within me, then I am allowing dishonesty at large.

If I accept nationalism, then I am allowing war against nations.

If I accept military build-ups, then I am allowing future wars.

If I accept hoarding of wealth and food, then I am allowing the current starvation here now.

If I accept profit making, then I am allowing poverty and its consequences.

If I accept the poverty of this world as ‘the way things are ‘, then I am allowing it to continue.

If I accept competition as normal, then I am allowing the pain of loss and poverty, hence a life of suffering.

If I accept ‘survival of the fittest’ as normal, then I am allowing the starvation and suffering as normal.

If I accept Capitalism as normal, then I am allowing the starvation of 1 billion humans.

What I accept determine what I allow in my world.

So clearly only accept that which is good for life, for all life.  By applying self-forgiveness one can forgive self and undo what one accept and allow. Eventually self will only accept that which is good for all life. For example state:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be angry with life.  

Within that self-forgiveness statement, self is able to see and take self-responsibility for self-correction. Hence a new world is reborn through self forgiveness.

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I am the most powerful being in the Universe.

One life to live, just this one. Its not worth it to lose myself in the madness of thoughts, emotions and feelings. I mean, WTF, at times I allow myself to get lost in my mind for hours if not days. As if, I am possessed by something, a thought pattern or an emotional construct like anger/jealousy will completely takeover me, and I become a total zombie in those hours/days.

Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I allowing such things to takeover me ? Bit of selfinvestigation tells me, that i am addicted to be ’emotional’, or ‘angry’, those are states i am addicted to. I love to be angry. I love to be worrisome etc etc. When I am in one of those brutal self-torturing states, even the fucking God cannot rescue me, but there is one power who can stop it: that is ME.

Yes I am the most powerful being in this universe as far as I am concerned, because only I have the POWER to stop myself from my madness of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I am my sanity maker, I am own self-healer, I am my own life-giver, because only I can stop my mind from its madness.

Till here no further:

When and as I see myself going into accusations, I realize it is a pattern, hence, I stop it then and there. I realize if I allow myself to participate in such thoughts, soon I will fuck myself so bad, only God knows what disaster will happen.

When  and as I see myself going into thoughts of blaming another, I see it as mind pattern for which i am addicted to, then i stop it right there. I breathe, I become physical, I stay here.

In that way, i support myself to remain here, not allow myself to fuck myself with my mind.

God, this one last life to live, just one life, soon it will be all over, so why the fuck do i allow myself to run with my mind? My thoughts, emotions and feelings will only bring disaster.

So till here no further, i stop myself from creating the drama of mental, emotional story making.

I am here, I breathe.

I am the only power in this universe, who can stop the madness of my mind, there is no other.

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