Stock markets decide and dictate human existence on earth.

Stock markets decide the fate of humans, what a shame.

Whole world is caught up in the buzz of markets going up and down as if it is the single deciding factor which will determine the quality of human life on earth. Sadly, it is so, because human life on earth is so tightly linked to corporate financial well being. Because everyone needs money to live and only the corporations can hire us and pay us a wage so that we can fucking pay bills back to corporations. Imagine how degrading life has become, just to allow this bullshit buying and selling stock markets to dictate our human lives on this earth.

Market is up, life is good, market is down, life sucks. I am shamed to call myself a fucking human to let this corporate beast determine my very existence on this earth. I live or die depends on money, and company doing well, i will have job hence money, otherwise i am fucked.

What a shame, human existence depends on stock markets, or else, rot in the streets as a homeless bum.

Don’t you see the problem, we have a serious precarious problem. Capitalistic beast is not the way, it is killing our very existence. Equal Money System is the way, giving all to live equally unconditionally.

Give and you shall receive. Time to change folks. investigate


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