As Markets tumble Capitalism fumbles. Equal Money System is the only key.

No need to prove that Capitalism is the mother of all evils ever since it came to existence, just look around. Because capitalism never cared about anything or anyone, only profit making matters to it. Make money and make more money. In the name of profit making, Capitalism has taken this earth and its inhabitants to a very precarious point.

So much destruction, chaos, stress, it has imposed upon us, we just have to put up with it just to survive. all in the name of making an earning to live. yet we never really live, only worry about making an earning just to survive which we call as ‘living’, hardly.

Now living is like a big gamble, you never know who will win or who will lose, but for sure many will lose and have lost. Many slaves in this world of capitalism so that the rich can live in ample abundance. While the middle class and the poor toil all day to make the rich happy.

Look, everyone is ‘working’ to survive, to pay rent, to buy food, to pay for education, healthcare etc etc. While earning peanuts most humans barely surviving in this reality. Very few of course having all the fun.

How on earth would you justify that 3 billion humans living under 2$ a day? Yet precisely that is what we do, as we accept and allow this bullshit system of money we have created for us.

It is time to rethink the very meaning of money, and create a new system that is best for all. Hence, here is the solution: Equal Money System. Investigate

And if you react to end of capitalism with phobia or paranoia, well, you better first investigate yourself. They say change is the only constant, then why not change capitalism itself, why do you panic to hear about a new money system? Equal Money System will end capitalism, and it will bring a practical heaven on earth.

Dare to care? join us.


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