Human life is about been a lifelong Customer, or else die.

What don’t you get it?

Monday they said the world was on going to hell b’c market melt downs, and today all is well b’c the market is soaring up, all indexes are showing positive signs. What madness is this? is this what human existence all about? Is the market’s ups and downs going to dictate how we as humanity going to live our lives ?

Human life, is it about serving the corporate financial well being? Human life from cradle to grave, is it about making the rich CEOs richer ? Human life, is it about been a lifelong customer? I mean wtf, that’s all we do, buy buy and buy. And from birth to death prepare ourselves to be ‘Customers’, and try very hard to be customers, in that fight for survival many millions die, as they don’t have a chance to be a good CUSTOMER, because they don’t have the Mula, the money.

So this is what life is all about, be a loyal lifelong customer, a devotee of capitalism, a slave, or just die in your poverty, hungry thirsty, sickness, who the fuck cares about you, if you don’t have the money to be a lifelong customer. Welcome to the pure evil of capitalism, it takes no prisoners. if you got the money, we love you, or else, you die.

What a fucking system we have created for ourselves. Investigate Equal Money System, lets bring a new world that is best for all.


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